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What required college or high school class did you find surprisingly useful in later life?

Asked by tabbycat (1808points) August 13th, 2008
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Philosophy taught by an ex-Jesuit at a Jesuit University.

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College Freshman English Comp.

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I hated algebra but wish I would have paid attention when I started learning Excel. All those formulas probably do some really cool stuff.

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Typing, I suppose. P.E., if done right.

I think, though, that most of that stuff is mainly meant to stretch your brain via mental gymnastics as opposed to being directly applicable.

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Math,computers and Home Economics

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Ethics all the way to the end

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none. Oh, but I did learn how to make peanut brittle in home ec., so that was good!

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Adult Living. The class taught you how to do a budget and keep up a households finances, manners for formal dining and other occassions, cooking healthy meals on a small budget, and other things that might help a young person deal with adulthood.

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French. I didn’t use it for about 45 years, then went to France and
sacre bleu! I rattled on like a native. Who knew?

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buster, that Adult living class sounds like a great idea. They didn’t have classes like that when I was in school (I’m 58). More people today need to know about a budget. Wish my daughter had a class like that!

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Everything. At the very least, everything I have learned can allow me to relate or understand others and the world around me just a touch better, in some form or fashion.

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Home Economics for boys (consider era – 1964)

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Intro To International Relations! Revolutionized my life!

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I’m changing my answer: all my college-level courses except math and physics required critical thinking, clarity, organization, and accurate use of language.

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