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Where is your favorite place to fish?

Asked by Knotmyday (7488points) August 13th, 2008

Pacific coast, in the general Ensenada, BC Mexico area, Oceanside pier, Sierra Nevadas for lake trout, Great Lakes for salmon, Keys for tarpon and barracuda…

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There are salmon in the Great Lakes? I usually just catch perch and walleye in Erie….

I like to fish in a little pond in rural Ohio. I catch bluegill, fillet and pan fry them. Fresh, organic, and delicious.

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In my back yard. I have a 2 acre pond with nice bass and other fish for when I am lazy.

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Remote river inlet areas of British Columbia, Canada for King Salmon. I’ve had great success and highly recommend Buck’s Trophy Lodge

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The Tongariro river for trout.

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Freshwater fishing I like Lake Guntersville which is part of the Tennessee River thats in Alabama. I catch catfish, crappie, bluegill, shellcrackers, largemouth bass, and striped bass out of there. Closer to home I fish a few private ponds and Shoal Creek, a tributary to the Tennessee River. I mostly catch bluegill, catfish, and bass out of those places.

Saltwater fishing Ive went deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida panhandle. I caught grouper, snapper, and amberjack. One gulf expedition we went after shark and tarpon. I must say a tarpon was the biggest and hardest fighting fish I have ever caught.

Pretty much if im fishing im in one of my favorite places.

The worst day fishing always beats the best day working.

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@buster- agreed.

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The “Wild Rivers Coast”.... Northern California – Southern Oregon

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anywhere at all…but a mountain stream near bridgeport north California was the most beautiful, and the Columbia river for sturgeon was the most exciting.

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My uncle’s “secret” ponds in Louisiana, I’m not a morning person at all, but I would get up for that any chance that I got. The catfish were amazing.

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@Seesul Where in Louisiana? Give a hint like near which city.

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@Gooch: although my mom grew up in the NW corner of LA, my uncle later moved to Amite and so my grandparents moved down there. It was always a different bayou or inlet that he took me to. In his little rowboat. He had a regular fishing pole, but made me a homemade one. It was always VERY early, barely light out and he always took me with him because we always caught some catfish. My aunt would fry them up for dinner. Heavenly. I guess that’s why, to this day, I love sunrises over the water.

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@wild- you rock.

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why thank you! I can reel the little buggers in, but thankfully there were others to take care of them after that – I refuse to touch live fish! or any animal without arms and legs!!

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The Yellowstone river around Livingston, anywhere on the Clark Fork, Cooper Lake by the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Spokane river, liberty lake, and numerous little lakes around Spokane Washington. I take trips to Livingston often to visit my dad and uncles and fish fish fish.

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I fish at a place called Muttonbird Island, which is on the coast of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, in Australia. I fish for blackfish, trevally, bream, tuna & anything else that I have the luck of hooking. Its a beautiful part of the world.

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