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Would you ever bring a baby to the cinema (movie theatre)?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) October 6th, 2017

I had the unfortunate experience of almost having a 7.30 pm performance of Blade Runner 2049 ruined, due to a very irresponsible parent.

This movie has a very loud soundtrack, contains nudity, strong language and violence.

Yet a mother felt it was perfectly fine to bring her crying baby into this performance. This was not suitable for a baby.


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Only sedated.

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I would never do it. It seems very inconsiderate to me and I would complain if it was spoiling the film.

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Did the baby stop crying or did person leave?
I would not take a baby to a movie.

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@chyna She had to be removed from the cinema screening room.

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I might take a baby if I felt it was going to be sleeping and there was no other way to get to the movies. If the baby started crying or making any noise, I would leave immediately.

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Never. Why pay as much as movies cost these days when there’s a high probability that the evening would be disrupted for myself and risk disrupting other people’s nights, as well? Nudity, cursing, and violence aren’t an issue with infants, since they can’t process those concepts just yet, but the noise levels are definitely an issue.

I went to a midnight showing of Titanic when it was in the theater and a woman had a toddler with her – why? Movies are a leisure activity – it’s different if you have a doctor’s appointment and the sitter cancels at the last minute.

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No. I don’t like the taste , and I could never finish a whole one. The connsesion never gave enough butter anyway.

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I once was in an almost empty screening room; just me, three men and a baby…

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I have made that mistake.
I have also suffered others making that mistake.
Often, parents go deaf to the crying of their own children, and figure everyone else is the same.

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Had a crying baby in the office today. I was praying to Satan for them to leave.

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I never would. Even if the baby were sleeping, I’d be afraid the baby would wake up and start fussing, and then I“d have to leave. Just the anxiety from thinking that might happen would ruin my time.

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Nope, only take a baby to a kid’s movie where the crying blends in with all the other noise.

And NEVER to an action movie where the soundtrack will wake the dead!

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Blade Runner 2049 is about three hours long including adverts and trails. Even if the baby is asleep when you go in it will probably be yelling before you leave.

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@flutherother That’s what boobs are for; shove it in their mouths. Just kidding – I probably wouldn’t do it either but I would not condemn out of hand those who do as long as they leave if the baby gets fussy. If I haven’t walked in your shoes, I try not to judge although it doesn’t always work.

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Aaaand this is why I only go to the theatre at 11 AM on Tuesdays.

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No. Especially not to a show like that.

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We used to get this shit all the time. And it is stupid and we would often ask people to leave and give them a refund.

However, we would get just as many people that would take the baby out of the theater and sit in the hallway while they calmed the child down. Normally if I saw that I would just invite them up to the booth and get them a chair next to the projector. The port windows were pretty big and you could watch the movie and listen through headphones or the speakers in the projector. And babies love the gentle purr of projectors. The shit put me to sleep too.

edit :: I should add that whoever brought a child to the movie you were watching should never be allowed in a theater again. We rarely ever saw people bringing young kids to action movies.

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I dont have any children, but I’ll anyway. Most likely, no, I wouldn’t do it. It’s not like 45 + years ago when you had to go to the theatre to see a movie, or wait a year for it to be on TV. Most movies you can see at home within months of the movie release.

I would only consider it if I knew the theatre typically did not have the sound very loud (in TN I considered writing the parent companies of the theatres they were so outrageously loud) if I knew the baby slept well during noisy times, if I could cover their ears, and knowing I would leave the theatre if the baby started making noise for more than 30 seconds. It would depend a lot on the particular baby.

I can understand a parent wanting to go out, and from what I understand babysitters are a fortune now. However, having to leave the theatre, because the baby cries, you lose that money, so most of the time it doesn’t seem worth it to me.

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I have never understood how anyone could be THAT inconsiderate. I haven’t experienced a baby in a movie theater in at least 30 years, but like @Muad Dib I will catch the 10 am screening of Blade Runner this coming Monday. Has anyone seen the 3D version of the movie?

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I would never take a baby to a walk in theater. Luckily, when I was a kid, there were lots of drive-in movies. My parents never took me or my brother to a walk in theater until we were about 10.

It’s not fair to the other movie goers to have to listen to a crying baby, nor is it fun for the parent to have to get up and take the baby out of the movie, and it’s probably not fun for a baby to have to listen to the loud sounds that accompany most every movie these days, even the sedate made for mature, middle aged women movies. The previews and the the ads about Coca Cola are way too loud at the beginning of the movie. There’s always Netflix and Amazon Prime. When you have a baby, life changes.

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Given the number of theatres that offer baby and parent screenings, there’s no need to bother other people at a regular screening.

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I hadn’t thought about how drive-ins made it easier to bring very young children.

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@JLeslie Oh yes, it was wonderful. We would always stop at Thrifties Drug Store to get candy on the way to the “picture show” as we called it. My brother and I would already be in our pajamas, and the back of the station wagon was loaded up with blankets and pillows. There was always a double feature, and at least one cartoon before the movie started. All of the drive-in theaters out here in CA had playgrounds up in front of the screen, so before the movie started, before it even got dark, all the kids would be playing on the swings and the slides. We were alerted that the movie was about to start when the Star Spangled Banner film was played on the screen, then all the little kids would go running to their cars. We would all settle in with our candy and enjoy the movie in the comfort of our own cars. If the kids got out of hand, our parents dealt with us, without having to interrupt the other movie goers. Because I was a lot younger than my brother, I usually fell asleep in the middle of the second movie, hence the pillows and the blankets.

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^^When I was little we would go in our pajamas.

I don’t know if there is a drive in near where I live now. I’m going to google. They are still around, just not very many.

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I would not, in fact I thought you weren’t even allowed to bring infants to the movies. Aren’t there rules and age restrictions for this shit?

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@Berserker As far as I’m aware I think it has to be a PG movie and ones suitable for babies. Some cinemas in Ireland have special infant suitable screenings with softer sound for their ears.

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Man, I gotta go to a drive in! And take all the grandkids!

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Nyet, I never would do that. A baby is too likely to cry and disturb the other people there. It is thoughtless and quite selfish to disturb everyone. Babies should not be allowed at theaters. If I attended a movie and a baby cried so that I could not hear the movie, I would leave and demand a refund.

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