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What happened to you today that you are thankful for....?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) August 13th, 2008

Me? I didn’t get a speeding ticket when I probably should have, it is a beautiful day and I received no bills today.

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My wife bought me coffee, and it was nice and hot when I woke up.

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I am making a grilled cheese sandwich right now. I will be thankful for that in about 5 minutes. Mmmm….

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that I found the strength to not kill a co-worker who gave me just a little too much attitude after she interrupted my phone call with a platinum account.

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Poof….you might not be so thankful tomorrow when your coworker irritates you again….so….be strong!

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actually she knows not to speak to me unless absolutely necessary. Today was the first time in probably 2 weeks.

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My kids woke me up to have breakfast with them

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trumi….how is the sandwich?

tiny… Hmm that sounds nice.

May I also add, that I am grateful that the humming birds have finally declassified my feeder as toxic and are now buzzing my like an air traffic control tower…....

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Oh man, the sandwich was delicious. Thanks for asking!

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I got to use a golf gift certificate that expired 8 months ago.

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Kev: NICE!

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Yeah, my bro-in-law has been out of commission with two new kids in two years, so I hadn’t had a good chance to use it, and I was feeling guilty because my dad gave it to me for Christmas. So, it worked out. Yahoo!

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I am thankful that I finally get a chance to sit down and Fluther!!!

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My Spanish teacher had the grace not to quiz us on past tense verb conjugations I haven’t reviewed since last year…. My precal and trig teachers are coming back to our high school tonight for tutorials for anyone who needs it…. The China Royale delivered some awesome Egg Pau Mein… :)

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I am thankful that my friends are so wonderful, one of them baked me chocolate brownies and dropped them round :)

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I woke up next to my best friend, who on August 8th, became my wife :-)

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athar…..another Awwwww. Congrats!

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I had leftover chinese food for breakfast. I love chinese food; I would eat it every meal if I could. Maybe I should move to China.

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Breakfast?! Ick. sorry :(

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im very thankful for being on this planet and having good friends.
Jesus gave his life for me, so i need to be greatful for that.
(does not apply to everyone, this is my personal oppinion)

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with lots of soy sauce and sriracha. mmmmm… ;^)

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—whisper—sorry, but still…..ewwwwwwwwwww

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OK> Will someone PUH-leeze teach me how to whisper?! I am helpless. And yes I have looked at the link!

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dash-dash sentence dash-dash.

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thank you

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All three of my boys enjoyed their first day of school.

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I feel like the person wearing black pants….and a navy patterned blouse….who is trying to pass it off as matching!

And now back to regular programming….

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I am thankful that someone just taught me how to whisper

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This was a hard question to answer; I had a really rough day. But… I’m still breathing! Woohoo!

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MacBean. You also appear to have all of your tactile sensation. you are typing. Not everyone can claim that….

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I rode my bike down our gravelly steep driveway and didn’t fall.

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My hangover was a lot less brutal than I imagined it would be. Cheers to being functional.

Off to the bar…

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Try tylenol before bed even if you don’t think you need it….and a giant glass of water. Good luck.

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my 12 hour plane ride left 40 minutes early and there was no one sitting in the seat next to me so i could spread out. the second flight (7 hours) wasnt that bad either.

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You could also be greatful that you didn’t have to take a ship to get wherever you were going….

sheesh where were ya anyway??

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@snoopy: i was in south africa, going through paris to montreal. im also really gratefull for the entire summer.

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Bionic Commando: Rearmed came out, which i got right away, and i’m thankful for Grin for making such an awesome game

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Mtl: wow. Congrats on the journey! I flew Moscow-London-Chicago once and slept for an entire day afteward…..

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I woke up.

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Astro…Well that is something to be thankful for. Indeed.

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My son is home on military leave until the end of the month… I love seeing his face everyday.

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That IS fantastic daisy. And thank him for his service!

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I went to lunch with my daughter, mom, brother and niece to my favorite Mexican restaurant. We had great food and a great visit, and my brother treated us all! Yay!

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I forgot to bring a snack to work, and Tim brought me yummy fake chickn nuggets, homemade soup, and almonds even though it was out of his way. oh, and my boss liked him. they were in the same dorm in college.

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welcome back, mtl zack

@chica; Fake? What brand?

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I am thankful that my boyfriend was respectful when he broke up with me this morning. And I am grateful for the time we had together, with many wonderful memories and some valuable life lessons.

I am thankful that the appraiser is finally going out to check the additional damage that the body shop found that resulted from an accident 7 weeks ago.

I am glad that the court date for the woman that ran the stop sign and hit me has been rescheduled to a date and time that I can attend.

I am grateful that my injuries were not severe, so I was able to remove all my things from my boyfriends home without much physical difficulties.

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knotmyday, morningstar—i love them. i keep them in my freezer all the time!

hearkat, i’m sorry you’re going through all that,and i hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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hearkat :(

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I meant

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My student loan got approved and i got an awesome haircut

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@La Chica Gomela and @Snoopy:

I am glad you posted this question today. I have worked long and hard to change from a cynical pessemist to a hopeful realist. I have been through far more difficult situations, and there are others who are suffering much worse than I ever have. So this reminded me to practice the conscious gratitude that has helped me overcome so much, rather than retreating into my old habit of wallowing in self-pity. :-)

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The grass is always greener on the other side…..’
Tomorrow is another day…..
It could always be worse…....


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No, the grass is rarely greener. Usually those who see things that way are discontent within themselves, and are always looking to external sources or circumstances to make them “happy” or at least to distract them for a while… but inevitably, they find themselves discontent because only the scenery has changed. “Wherever you go, there you are.”

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—ok. maybe that one was a bad choice. but you get the idea :)—

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