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What store bought items would you like to improve?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (12807points) October 8th, 2017

I would like more durable juice box straws and easy to open bulk packaging also for the straws to be easy open. I would like a $0.02 handle to be put on bulk toilet paper. I would like disposable bags to be more durable and compostable.

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I want new electronics to be packaged in such a way that I don’t need a thermonuclear device to get inside the titanium-plastic clamshell cases…

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I would love to see cereal manafacturers put their products in the bulk bin section, where you can choose the amount you want. There are many times when I only want a small amount of cereal

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@RedDeerGuy1 Those are great suggestions! I saw some bulk, 10 boxes, of tissues with a taped handle that went over the top. The handle was just a piece of tape.
That cost virtually nothing to do and it made it so much easier for people to carry it.

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I need to complain about Totinos party pizzas.

They used to be a circle that was shrink-wrapped in plastic and come in a box. Now they are square and come in plastic.

This completely fucks my workflow.

Before I could open all the seems on the box and make it into a makeshift plate. BONUS: I could cut the pizza on that box without messing up my cookie sheet.

Now everything has just gone to shit.

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