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Asked by jasonhannah20 (39points) August 13th, 2008

okay. im a very active person. i play many sports and im seroious about them. i sweat most of the time during my games.(pits! back face.) what can i do to comtrol this during my game?

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Do you really want to control it? I guess a better question is WHY do you want to control it….? It serves a purpose after all….to keep you cool so you don’t spontaneously combust.

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yes i do want to control it. sometimes it gets out of control. im on 3 teams, and i don’t see my team mates going through this stress!

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This is a very effective product.

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thankyou. where can i purchase this? CVS? walgreenes?

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Keep in mind that there are two types of products. Deodrants (just addresses the smell) and anti perspirants (which do just that….help you to perspire less). I point this out only as some people don’t realize there is a difference.

There is another product

There are variants of this….but most of them refer to “clinical strength” and are stronger than your average antiperspirant

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yeah i’ve tried secret clinical streangth.
that was for smell, which i’ve got covered.
theres a new one called “OMG girl degree antipersprent/deodrent”
it says for all of you “OMG” moments.
i’ve used it and it hardly helped, i don’t smell.
but i still sweat during games and at home!
whats wrong!!?

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if you think this is a great question! let me know! grant me points!

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Check out this article. I admit, it was from a quick google search—over the counter prescription clinical strength deodrant—but it is a nice summary….and might give a few more brand ideas to try.

It also mentions Drysol (prescription)....hope this helps!

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as per the article.

Who knew there was such a thing?? Isn’t the internet great??

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Walmart carries Certain Dri. I’m not sure about the drugstores you mentioned tho.

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ok ok thankyou though.

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I see most athletes sweating; some actually dripping. Watch the good tennis players. Just enjoy your team sports; then shower and rub on antiperspirant.

(Obsequious groveling asking for points doesn’t cut it with the collective)

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Don’t self advertise. It’s annoying.

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yeah i know, but even after the sport im all clean and dry. but my pits soon begin sweating agian! almost like my pores opend and they wont shut! thanks for your advice though

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i dont care if its annoying, it what i want to say.

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Do not annoy the collective; it stings. (See guidelines. This is not a free-for-all site.)

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oops! i didnt know little tiny things could dissrupt a collective. i wasnt aware it was “annoying” anyways sorry though.

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any other ideas?

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Anti-perspirant. Heed.

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tried many, only certin work.

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some people are just prone to sweat more. guys, girls, it could be anyone. and if you are highly active then of course that will add to it.

your best bet is probably to just keep an extra towel around and some sweat bands.

if it really is THAT bad you can also consult your physician (or web MD! haha)

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