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How would you start a DIY SEO campaign?

Asked by BryrDe (27points) October 11th, 2017

is it good for small business owners who doesn’t have any technical expertise?

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Many small business owners are talked into SEO by lying and over-promising SEO providers who are nothing more than snake oil salesmen. A small business owner would do himself a favor by NOT listening to rapacious charlatans, but by putting money in the success of the business.

Most SEO businesses make false promises and do not deliver.

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You have a point. And that’s why as a small business owner, I would like to start DIY SEO because I can’t afford agencies to get the job done. I am thinking that with little steps I can help my business get an online presence.

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Actually, internet marketing and online reputation management have gained such hype in the recent times that many companies have started offering extremely cheap digital marketing services, Cheaper than you can imagine with close to expected results. Small businesses can utilize them.

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