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Plastic surgery... is it worth it? (Otoplasty)

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1110points) October 11th, 2017 from iPhone

Hello everyone! I’m very interested in getting my ears pinned back. I met with the surgeon today and his price was $5000. That is really pricey for me but I can do it. Just want to make sure it’s worth it…

What do you all think? The surgeon and receptionist say people’s self esteem greatly improves after this surgery.

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Read up on this surgery and especially read actual reviews from people that have had it done. Also research your doctor.

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I’m inclined to say no but it’s your choice

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It solely depends on how much better it will make you feel. If you are really self-conscious about your ears and the surgery isn’t dangerous, then only you can decide if the cost is worth it.

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When going over the surgery with the surgeon, it’s actually a really easy surgery. Outpatient, about 1 hr long. No anesthesia. And he doesn’t even prescribe pain meds for afterwards because there’s virtually no pain.

His reviews are actually fantastic so I’m not worried about the actual surgery.

I’m just worried about the price! Thanks guys!!

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FWIW, my cousin just had a neck lift for $5,000 and she looks and feels terrific.

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I had a friend with very fine, straight hair.
I always thought it was kind of cute that the tops of her ears peeked out.

It seems pretty costly to me. If you get bullied a lot, it might be worth it, but some people want to “fix” stuff that really is something that sets them apart from the crowd.
I am sure Cher was very happy to have her teeth straightened, but for many fans, it was a part of her.
My point is, don’t do this to just blend in with the crowd.
Do it only if you really have $5,000. worth of need.

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@Patty_Melt You know I thought “Cher” was no longer Cher after she had all the work done. More attractive before. Unique. And in Dirty Dancing Jennifer Gray played Baby. I looked for her for sometime after that. She was so cute. I was shocked when she had plastic surgery. Not at all the cute actress after that. IMHO “ear pinning” is in a different category. I think much less invasive than nose/lips face lifts, boob jobs. If you think it will help your confidence, go for it.

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I know this thread is kind of old, but for anyone who is thinking of getting plastic surgery but is scared…

Think Long and hard first before you get it. Measure the pros and cons. I ended up getting the Otoplasty and I am SO happy with the results.

Someone I knew was giving me a really hard time about changing my body and shamed me, but in the end it is my body and it was so worth it. The lady who shamed me realizes I’m happy with the results and never brings up my decision.

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Good to hear! Pun intended.

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My friend had this procedure. Shes very pleased -and happy with the results. If this has been major set back in your life – I’d say go for it.

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