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Do you know anyone whom you might call a "Sheeple"?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30874points) October 11th, 2017

Is a sheeple a person who does what everyone else does without question? Or is sheeple a derogatory label attributed to anyone who disagrees?

Do Dems claim that Republicans are sheeple?
Do Reps claim that Democrats are sheeple?

Are Mac users sheeple? Are PC users sheeple?

Is a sheeple anyone who drinks the proverbial Kool-Aid?

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I like the above response.
It’s human nature to want to be part of a crowd.
And it is not always a bad thing.
It is an effective way to get plenty of social support and useful information.
People who are total contrarians and non conformists take a risk of being socially and intellectually isolated, which is not healthy.
Plus, they often just hook up with other isolated people and become sheeple, just a different crowd.

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This reminds me of a scene on South Park when Stan asks the goth kids to participate in a dance video project and the first three refuse to do it, saying “I won’t participate in your conformist project!”. But the last kid says “I’m such a non-conformist that I’m not going to conform with the rest of you, and I’ll do it.”

@Irukandji I remember seeing that cartoon years ago and I still love it. It more or less describes an aspect of human nature. Unless we have particularly low self-esteem, we tend to assume we’re a step above the “masses”, yet in many ways (or most) we are the masses whether we like it or not. (I’m so self-aware for recognizing this, so that must mean I’m outside the masses! Right? Oh, guess not…)

While there may be a useful designation for people who follow the crowd blindly, we all experience the confirmation bias, we all think our choices and conclusions are the best ones (otherwise we wouldn’t choose or conclude them), and I don’t see much use for terms like “sheeple”. More of than not, no matter how accurately or nobly the terms try to be used, they just come off as labels for “stuff I disagree with” (“fake news” has suffered a similar fate). In other words, inherently biased and not at all fairly applied.

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Of course, although at my place, we just call them “people with curly hair”. Or by their names, whatever.

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Virtually everyone.
EVERYONE is convinced they are independent thinkers….but most of them do what the people in front of them are doing, without even thinking about it. They drive like the people around them are driving, no matter how horrible people around them are driving. They just line up like sheep.

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They are the “people” who believe the mainstream media, politicians, science and religion well that’s what the likes of Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura and David Icke would have us believe

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Well, I am an Aries, AKA the Ram, so I guess that means me.

Interesting use of the third person, @Dutchess_III

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Isn’t just about everyone a “sheep”? Everyone does the same things everywhere. Just thinking differently and telling everyone about it does not make one different if it is not applied, and those who do are extremely few and far between.

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In many ways we are all alike. We’re apes. When I hear “sheeple” i think of people who don’t analyze situations and things.

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“Sheeple isn’t part of my regular vocabulary and I don’t think about people like that. I haven’t been called a “sheeple” here, but I’ve been called the next closest thing to it, and na├»ve also. All just because I don’t follow the pack known as Fluther. The more I think about it the funnier it is!

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No. When a person resorts to calling others “snowflakes” “sheeple” or “drinking the koolaide” they lose the debate.

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