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What does my dream mean?

Asked by rebbel (27097points) October 12th, 2017

Today I was doing something I rarely do; taking a mid-day nap.
Maybe because of that rarity, I don’t know, but I had this very disturbing dream.
In it, I was browsing Facebook, on my cell phone, and I read all kinds of posts with worrying messages.
They all had to do with the fact that the American people, or at least a not so great deal of them, had elected Trump as president…..!!
And the even scarier thing; he was close to rounding the first year, without being impeached.
What could this all mean?

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Holy moly! You’re the first person ever to use a cellphone in your dream!

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It isn’t a dream; it is a nightmare.

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I can imagine your relief when you woke up and realised it was all a bad dream. Or maybe you slipped into an alternative reality. In the real world of course D. Trump was convicted of tax evasion and has been in the slammer for the last four years.

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Walking, talking, living nightmare.

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I had a medical emergency in early November last year. I keep thinking maybe this whole this is just a terrible coma dream and I’m going to wake up any second now.

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@Mariah, when you wake up, take me with you!

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@Mariah @Mariah now you make me feel bad for hoping someone is in a coma

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It probably means the truth occasionally hurts.

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Did you get a flu shot with @rojo?

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You have a great deal of curiosity and doubt about Trump’s presidency.

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You’re pregnant and she does not like you.

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There is someone staring at you too much and you are afraid your “wiggle” might be broken.

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