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What antiviral software should I replace Kaspersky with?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34072points) October 12th, 2017

Kaspersky antiviral software was used by the Russians to steal information from the US government, and reports state the private firm even helped. I use this software, but no longer feel safe with it on my computer.

No, I don’t have any national secrets, but if they helped their government, they might help other types of hackers who pay them enough.

I run Windows 10 on a Dell XPS13.

Is free AVG good enough?

This is probably important information: I visit some sites that are known to be higher risk to harbor bad stuff than normal sites like Fluther.

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Sorry to add this important information as an answer.

The less than holy sites I visit are all accessed on my Android tablet. I never use my PC for that.

I’m researching total security suites. But really, I use my PC for typing long things, not for web surfing. I store all my documents in One Drive. Nothing is on my laptop. It’s in the cloud.

I am typing this on my tablet. Most of my computer use is on the tablet now. Maybe free software for my PC is all I need.

Maybe I need a security suite so I can add my tablet. Thoughts?

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AVG free is fine, other good free options are Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials.

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@Mariah The only reason I mentioned AVG is because I’ve used them in the past. Which one is best? And should I get something for my Android tablet?

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I like Norton. I don’t use one anymore because it makes surfing complicated.

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The built-in WIndows software is OK. All the third-party products are viruses as far as I’m concerned, begging for money and slowing down your machine.

Instead of installing extra software, I use highly recommend OpenDNS

It’s a filter. You’re cable/internet company has a very lax filte. OpenDNS is more watchful.

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I’ve used AVAST for a while now haven’t had any issues so far. I do have their premium version which typically comes with 2 extra copies if I remember right. They almost always have a sale going on too.

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There’s no evidence of the allegations against Kaspersky—other than weasel-worded allegations.

The irony is is that it’s Kaspersky that has over the years exposed espionage attempts by the US, UK, and Israel. So now they’re being accused of doing the very thing that their accusors have been doing for years, and which Kaspersky has consistently exposed.

Of course, it helps to be cautious, and if you don’t trust the software any more—then so be it.

The built-in Microsoft AV is NOT okay. It is catastrophically inadequate, and it will fail to detect malicious software. I relied on it once. Never again.

There’s some reason I stopped using AVG—possibly due to stability issues with it.

I’ve been using Bitdefender for that last 2 years and I’m very satisfied with it.

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I have used the free version of AVG for fifteen years and have never had any problems. I think it is now owned by Avast.

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I just remember I do use another product on top of Windows built-in.


With the free version you have to scan our computer for existing problems. The paid version is like a firewall, it actively stops invasions.

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@Kropotkin Thank you. I did some more reading and discovered what you reported. The allegations of collusion by the company are unfounded. The Russians did indeed use the Kaspersky software to get into the secure users of the US government. I am not a target for them, so I should be OK.

I also found out I have 9 months left on my currently paid subscription, so there’s no reason to do anything right now. ... I already know what will happen: I’ll forget about this, and then it will automatically renew again next July, and I’ll be paid for another year, so I won’t switch, so I’ll keep it and forget about it, and it will be a never ending cycle. :)

@all Thank you, all. I appreciate the help. I did research on my own. If I ever switch, I will get Bitfinder. It got consistently good reviews. I also discovered that for my type of use, I do not need any security software on my tablet. I’m just not doing anything really dangerous.

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