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What would it be like if the constitution applied to dating (details inside)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (12738points) October 12th, 2017

A law that states that you can’t discriminate against age , sex , height, gender , race ,disability , sexual preferences, or wealth? Humor welcome.

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I’d be honored to be a criminal in a state with such a moronic law.

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LOL! That’s a wild one @RedDeerGuy1!

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which constitution?

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I would probably be in trouble.
I am discriminatory about every one of those factors. And more.

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Do you even have to date people you can’t stand?

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@ragingloli Any I was thinking the USA or Canadian constitution , but any will do.

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@Dutchess_III Absolutely unless you want to give a severance package and lay off notices.

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I reserve the right to refuse service to any woman I don’t find attractive and have at least a modicum of emotional attachement to.

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It seems it would be a nightmare for good looking young people with money. They will have every ugly, old, wrinkly person, insist that they date them.
So what would happen is that all the good people move out of the country quickly and only the ugly, old and wrinkly, broke people will remain. LOL
Wow. I just imagined all those ugly, old, fat wrinkly people children.
Hollywood would move.

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With my luck I would end up with someone exercising their free speech. But I might have to exercise my second amendment rights.

But then again, a girlfriend couldn’t ever sneak a look at your text messages without probable cause. And withholding sex would be cruel and unusual punishment.

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Well the Constitution of the United States doesn’t really address discrimination. Not directly, and certainly not between individuals. It has a handful of clauses (equal protection, right to privacy, freedom of speech/religion, etc) that have been applied by the courts to place certain restraints on the government’s ability to discriminate, but that’s about it.

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Wheeeee! I could go get me some young, muscled stud muffin!

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I would love it if works in my favour..)

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