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How do you do most of your computing?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30641points) October 13th, 2017

I have 3 devices that are computers: a Dell XPS 13 laptop, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet, and a Pixel XL smartphone. I can do computing on all of them.

Interestingly, I use different devices for different tasks.

I used to use the laptop for a great deal of computing. These days, it’s pretty limited. I only use it when I’m typing something long. I used to do all my banking on it, but my bank upgraded their app, so now I’m doing that on my tablet.

My tablet has become my device of choice. I do almost all my financial computing on it. The apps for my bank, each of my credit cards, and other institutions are all very good. They can do everything that I could do on the website on my PC. I use my tablet for most of my fluthering. (I use the desktop computer when I’m on the site during work.) I scroll through Facebook on it. I chat with friends on Messenger on my tablet. I do my email on it, too.

I type using the on-screen keypad. I don’t have any kind of external keypad attached. The on-screen one is good enough for my needs.

I use my phone for a few limited apps that I choose to only access from the phone. There are 2 gay dating apps I use, and I choose to keep them on my phone and not add them to my tablet.


I keep all my documents and pictures, etc., in the cloud, and I love it. All my documents are in Microsoft One Drive. I use One Note for lots of notekeeping. All my pictures are in Google Photos. My Pixel phone came with unlimited storage there. I love having stuff in the cloud. I can access everything from any device with connectivity.


What do you use? Do you find yourself using different devices for different uses? Do you like computer technology?

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I still prefer, Luddite that I am, to use a desktop. I just got a new one. Laptops are clumsy to me. I don’t like the small screen size on Smart phones. Have not had much experience with a tablet. Do you think I would like that?

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I am a tablet fan. I have an iPad mini that I use for most stuff, I only seem to use the laptop when an app just won’t do, or I need to print. (The tablet is squiify on print stuff)

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@marinelife While I don’t know for sure what your reaction to a tablet would be, I suspect you would go back to your desktop. There’s an important factor that led to my use of the tablet increasing exponentially. I moved, and I purposefully did not get a desk in my new place. I used a desktop before for everything. When I moved, I knew I would not have a desk. I got a laptop and one of those little lap desks. As I got used to the tablet, I stopped getting the laptop out for most things.

The tablet is small. It’s much bigger than a smartphone, but it’s still infinitely smaller than a desktop computer. That’s all there is to it. If you like a big screen like most desktops have, then you will not be satisfied with a tablet.

@canidmajor I’m the same way. I have to jump through hoops to print from my tablet. It’s simpler just to pull out the laptop. (squiify? lol)

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I prefer using my desktop computer. It is connected to an HD television and gives me plenty work surface to display multiple windows. I use my Galaxy Note 3 which is a fabulous piece of equipment when on the move. I think computer technology is great but I am also aware how easy it is to lose data. I back everything up on and external hard drive and in the cloud.

I have had bad experiences with HP laptops burning out after a couple of years and wouldn’t buy another of any brand. I have had my PC for almost eight years now with no problems at all.

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Most on my desk some. Some on my phone when the movie we’re watching is boring.
I have a lap top too, but my husband has preempted it.

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I use a “desktop” computer (actually, a tower beside the desk) for most things. It does the best job at almost everything computer-y.

I also sometimes use a laptop (mainly for when I’m not at my desk).

I use a smartphone, but mostly only for small things when the other devices aren’t available, or for things the others aren’t equipped for, such as GPS, camera, being very small, or recording my every movement for evil corporate forces.

I don’t have a tablet.

(I’m a software developer.)

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I have a graphics calculator texas instruments ti-85

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I use my phone (Nexus 5x) for browsing on the go – subway, etc. I use it mainly for internet browsing – I’m typing from it now – but I prefer to use a computer for any significant amount of writing. Not enough feedback on an on-screen keyboard. When I used to have a phone with a physical keyboard I could type almost as easily as on a computer.

I use my work laptop for almost everything else, during and after work hours. Work doesn’t spy on our activity and doesn’t care if we use them for personal purposes. I favor it mainly because it’s a Mac and my personal laptop is a Windows machine, and I have come to prefer Mac computers.

I do have a personal laptop, which I used in college, but I rarely boot it up these days. I use it exclusively for my hobby of digital painting since my graphics software is not compatible with my work laptop’s OS. I also used it during the brief chunk of time when I was unemployed last year since I was obviously without a work laptop.

Finally, I have a desktop gaming computer that I got for a steal used from a buddy of mine. He built it when he was in high school. I use it exclusively to play video games that my other computers can’t run. It’s hooked up to our TV by HDMI.

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My phone, I don’t have much free time other than a few min here and there. It’s always handy. A good bit of fluthering is done in the can.

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Desktops rule! There’s something so nice about a standard keyboard and full-screen monitor.

As of mid-August, I have my first smartphone. (After I lost my home in a two-alarm fire, I needed a way to stay in touch and be reached by telephone.) I detest the “fake” keyboard, find it awkward to use, and generally type some really weorf thomfa (“weird things”).

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And its SO SLOW! I had no idea you lost your house. Where was I?

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I have an office in the house and an additional desk in the den. I have a desktop in the office and a laptop in the den. I do anything on either one since they are both highly secured and all devices and TVs on cat6 ethernet connections. I keep wifi turned off at the modem.

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Desk top by day, phone by night.

I play Words With Friends and I seem to play better when I use my phone. I think it’s because of two things: When I play a tile it zooms into that area and I see things I might not see if I was looking at the whole board.
Also, on my phone it tells me instantly if it’s a valid word or not. It gives a green icon or a red icon immediately. On my desk top I have to take an additional step to find out. It’s started giving me the green icon, which, on my phone means it’s a word, but that’s not the case on my desk top. It may or may not be. I have to try and play it to find out.

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