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Do I look like Sloth from The Goonie?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (181points) October 14th, 2017

I have been told that I look like Sloth from the Goonies and now it has been playing on my mind.

Also how can I improve myself via hairstyle, lose fat or not?

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No you don’t.
Dress better,get a hair style, and shave the peach fuzz off. Your picture makes you look less than confident. Shoulders back and smile.
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Thank you, and I have recently been trimming my fuzz to tidy it up and to make sure it grows in the right direction.

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A good haircut and a smile would help a whole lot.

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I hate shaving with a razor and shaving cream. It takes forever and is messy.

I use clippers normally used for trimming hair and just shave my face with those without a attachment.These to be exact.

That way it takes 30 seconds with no mess (I do it over a bin) and I get that rugged look since there is some stubble. And you will eventually be able to have a normal facial hair distribution. Mine was spotty until I hit about 30.

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I’m assuming this is because the outer corners of your eyes sit slightly lower than the inner corners of your eyes, and because people are generally hyperbolic assholes.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You can, if you like, practice your best “HEY YOU GUYS!!” and put together a Comic Con outfit, or just ignore the bastards.

Live your life. And next time you take a selfie, do it outside. Indoor lighting makes everyone look jaundiced.

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Simple no…

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How do I achieve the so called pretty boy look? When I say ‘Pretty boy’ I am talking about Pop stars such as Justin Bieber.

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