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Know of any good unbreakable phones?

Asked by generalspecific (1871points) August 13th, 2008

I’m trying to get a new phone tonight, because I just broke my third phone. I’ve ran over two and sat on the last one. So basically, I’m looking for a phone that can handle me. I heard the first env is built like a brick, my friend has one.. so I’m considering that one. Any others?
(ones with a qwerty keyboard would be nice but isn’t completely necessary)

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The Gz-one from verizon is water proof and such try that one

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I don’t know of any unbreakable cell phones or home phones because i have never had a cell phone ( i’m lame i guess) but i was wondering the same thing for home phones because I have to get a new phone and I think it is my 5th I drop them so often and I also sit on them and they break.

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iPhone. If it’s out of the price range, understandable, but it withstands drops like a brick.

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@poof: ha, looks great but i’m just not sure if that would fit in my purse

iphone is definitely out of the price range.. and i’ll have to check out the gzone

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I just got a G z’one the other day and i couldn’t be more pleased with this thing. Its pretty indestructible and water proof which is great because i work in a fish store. (the day i got it, i threw it into my fish tank to test it out) You can even take pictures underwater which is pretty nice. It also has a pretty bright flashlight on it and a electronic compass(dont know why ill need it, but its still cool) so yea, i recommend this phone.

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Here’s a pretty nice one, really tough- yet stylish. I think I’m going to get one.

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Knot: Don’t make fun of the phone we grew up with. It lasted forever, was indestructible, served a family of five – and the big thrill was the arrival of the beige version.

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Not “of”; rather, “with.” I truly love ‘em- established in this thread and further, in this one. I am a bakelite rotary phone-o-phile. :^)
like the new icon?

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Knot: I am very bad with change. “Where is Darth on his motorcycle?” I kept asking myself.

Running over the bakelite phone, sitting on it or dropping it in a fish tank was pretty difficult.

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I was told that Darth projected a “menacing” image. Good for work, bad for socializing. Hence, “Darth Woofer.” Woof!

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Having just enlarged thumbnail, I have to admit, “Not half-bad for a costumed dog.”

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yes! i had nextel for about 4 years. thoese phones will not break!(not litterally) but very strong phones. made for the construction enviroment. try the nextel i850. my little cousin threw it aginst a wall, its been in the toilet, in the sink, off the table. very strong phone, horrible network..

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the cheap nokia phones are unbreakable, I admit those are to the fanciest thing on earth, but mine survived a fall from a 9th. floor…

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@flameboi; and that occured exactly how? Or were you redoing Galileo’s acceleration experiment? By the time phone reached the sidewalk, it would have had a pretty fierce effect on someone’s noggin. (A = 32 feet per second, per second.)

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I was in a hotel, like 3 years ago, watching the sunrise from the balcony, and something happened to me, like an epiphany, I was with a bottle of champagne on my left hand and a cigarrette on my right hand, analyzing life, then, the phone rang, I checked the screen and it was someone I didn’t want to talk to (I promise you it was not my mom), so I let the phone fall… An employee was watching me from the pool, he told me he tought I was going to jump, when he so what I did, he went to get the pieces of the phone (the skin and the battery, not big deal) came to my room, knocked the door and gave me the phone back, asked me if I was o.k. and I replied, “i’m half drunk half sober, would you get me some coffee please?” he walked out, had my coffee, fixed the phone, and got back home :)
I still have that phone somewhere in my bedroom :P

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Interesting life you lead. Thanks for recap.

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sure gail :)

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I hear that almost all Nokia phones are built rock solid. Someone threw there’s at a wall and didn’t get a scratch. Also this phone is what I consider indestructible. Take a look Stylish too!!!

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Telus, has great phones that can withstand almost anything. They are mike phones, but they resist water and can be run over by cars. I know several people that own them, and believe me, we have tortured these things just to see, and they are warranteed and will be fixed/replaced if it does break.

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What phone did you end up getting?

enV is built like a brick—I’ve had one for almost a year

and it’s stood the test of time.

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Take a look about unbreakable phones here: MILITARY PHONES

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