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Why don't they remove some of these older questions?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5488points) October 17th, 2017

I have a bad habit of not checking the dates on questions, and I have answered some that are nigh to ten years old. If they want to archive these items, cool – but why leave them on the page to be answered? Makes me feel like a moron when I do that…

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I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but still….

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I imagine it’s much easier for you to simply A] remember to look or B] not care, than to remove stuff the rest of us might like.

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What’s behind door # 3?

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What is old?
Your old is my young/recent, and/or vice versa.

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It’s actually how the site is designed to work. That’s why there’s a “Related” tab on the side of every question that links to other, older questions. That’s why almost every question remains open an answerable—questions aren’t archived for age. That’s why people get awards for answering older questions. Etc. You’re far from a moron for answering older questions. You’re actually using specific features of the site, and bringing new life into older discussions. That’s good!

The questions aren’t necessarily hidden from everyone else (by hidden, I mean buried by time). Anyone who followed those questions (assuming they’re still active today) will get a notification of a new response. And anyone who uses the “Active” filter on the General/Social/Meta tabs will see questions sorted by most recent responses—meaning the 10-year-old questions you just answered will float to the top of the pages. (And, anyone whose internet searches bring them to those questions will see your answers, and may find them helpful.)

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Everyboby gets to feel like a moron. Picture of me as a moron ==> ~:>)

I do it all the time and usually find a spammer at the other end.

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Fluther encourages us to necropost. If you look at the questions under Related, at the lower right corner of your Home page, you’ll find some very old items. A few times, I’ve seen people revive discussions from maybe 7 or 8 years ago.

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One of the rules of the site that has fallen into disuse since the founders have moved on and are not here to maintain the code’s infrastructure is that a question can only be asked once. When asking a question, we used to get a screen after typing in the title question with other questions that were the same or similar. If one was very similar, it was better to go to that older question and check the answers for one that might fit why one might be asking it again at a later date. This resurfacing of older questions when asking a new one broke and has not been repaired.

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I think instead of removing, users should go around and update old questions.

How did they turn out, anyway?

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Aw, I remember that feature, @Hawaii_Jake. I miss it. It was useful.

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@Hawaii_Jake I am pretty sure it still works.
Couple of weeks ago I asked a question of which I did a whole series some years ago, and Fluther offered me those old ones as possibly similar.
(I’m talking about my “Photo Quiztions”)

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@rebbel Cool! I haven’t seen that screen in years.

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I love old that old content is kept, and hate it when sites remove content, especially when it is interesting content.

If Fluther deleted old content, I would not have continued to participate. The policy of keeping content around is one of the main reasons I stick around.

I kind of like thread “necromancy” too – I don’t mind if you post to an old thread, and if I see your new post, I’ll read it and maybe chime in.

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I am always pleased when an old question that I’ve asked comes up with a new answer (as long as it’s not spam). I also like to go back and look over old questions. In the site’s heyday, there were some absolutely rocking’ discussions on Fluther.

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I like when older questions pop up. It is a chance to see if the advice worked and how the situation played out.
That is the most useful information.

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~Oh no, you guys! It’s much better to get rid of the old stuff and have more new members come tell us what we’ve been doing wrong all these years.~

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@Hawaii_Jake Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah

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Now now now now – let’s let people respond any which way they want… free country. Not trying to be ugly to ya, TW, just sayin’. Its all goooood!

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Uncle “H. J.” understands !

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What’s wrong with old?

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Just get irked with myself when I answer a question, then after the fact see that it was posted, say, Jan. 3rd 2010. Duh – my name is NoMore, I’m smart!

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As my old pappy used to say, that’s just the way it is. If you answer a question from the related side, it’s probably older. You can check the date if you like.

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Sounds familiar.. sort of?

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I like old “new movies”: if I haven’t seen it yet, then it’s new to me.

Obviously, a Q that you respond to and which hasn’t been seen by others – that we know of – in several years, and where the OP may have even left the site – well, that’s a different matter.

But even in the case of “old” questions, most of us, I think (and strictly speaking only for myself, but assuming that most other jellies operate along similar lines) don’t “Stop Following” threads that we were once participating in (as a rule; sometimes we have to manually stop following because the thread is driving us insane, or “more insane”). So we’ll still get a notification that there’s activity on some thread, and follow the link to read it. If you post new thoughts, well worded and thought out, then you’ll get GAs, and your wisdom will be added to the train of thought for jellies to see centuries from now. Personally, I quite enjoy when an old thread is resurrected with a cogent comment or two. That keeps me on my toes AND in my seat, if I can be permitted to mix those metaphors in that anti-athletic way.

That’s why I try to be careful with my spelling and grammar. Well, one of the reasons, anyway.

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Feel the same way about older folks in supermarkets

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The thing I never really liked about the “Go back to the old question” system was that necroposts wouldn’t resurrect the original thread back to the main page – so the only people who would see a new reply would be the people who saw the thread the first time it went around (and if that was 10 years ago, well…)

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@Love_my_doggie Necropost? I like it. I wonder if there’s any award for answering the most non-active questions…..

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@David_Achilles Davey Jones’ Revenge Answer a 6-week old question with a GA

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