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Why did Google take the calorie calculator off the IOS Maps app?

Asked by josie (30931points) October 17th, 2017

I don’t get the controversy.
I was looking forward to using it.
And even if I wasn’t I suppose I would ignore it.

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Also confused by this, it was explained to me like this by someone in marketing…

90% of people don’t care at all, and hardly notice = no reaction
5% of people are tracking calories and would use the information, but not actually apply it to anything = a weak positive reaction, with no actual impact
5% of people are somehow offended by the idea of “average” anything or by the word “calorie” (which has been twisted into a negative somehow) = a strong negative reaction and will bleed over into other parts of Google’s business

In 2017, apparently it’s not about number of people, it’s all about the strength of your reaction. But that seems like a larger discussion.

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Can you just install some other app that does it? I have a health tracker app on Android that tracks steps and shows calories.

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I just read about it, it wasn’t the calories so much as the use of “pink mini muffins” as the caloric equivalent.

Google got silly, and some people don’t like apps like Google being silly.

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