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What do French speakers call a fire extinguisher, and a fire hydrant?

Asked by flo (11237points) October 17th, 2017

I don’t mean what would you find in Google Translation etc.

I suppose it could be different in different areas of the world.

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@Zissou I guess you didn’t read the detail part of the OP. I’m looking from actual speakers not what’s online or the dictionaries.

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[Deleted by me. I misread the OP.]

PS: I do notice that @Zissou linked to a sign written in French, and the French Wikipedia page. Both of those are presumably written by native French speakers? But of course if anyone who speaks French reads this, please chime in.

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Extincteur. You can also add “de feu” (of fire) but mostly we just call them extincteur.

A fire hydrant is a borne-fontaine or borne d’incendie. This last one differs depending in which place you are. Mostly here we juat call them fontaines.

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@flo I did read the details. The details didn’t say anything about actual speakers (I am an actual speaker, by the way, just not a native speaker). If you wanted to poll only native speakers from different countries without referring to any online sources at all, you should have said so (“Google Translation etc.” does not clearly exclude all online sources whatsoever, if that’s what you meant; I took it to mean strictly language references like translators and dictionaries).

Anyway, I answered your question. Extincteur (sometimes adding de feu or d’incendie) is apparently used throughout the French-speaking world, and the various words for “fire hydrant” in different countries are there in bold in the first paragraph of the second item I linked.

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Thanks all. I guess I meant every day use , informal words not when they are writing formal letters or answering on language exams.

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