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What do you think of the Dr. Laura radio show?

Asked by Knotmyday (7488points) August 13th, 2008

Why do so many people call in? Each is summarily abused. Does the show serve to further a need for public self-flagellation, or is there an actual purpose?

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I didn’t realize she was still on!

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Trying to figure out why people do things could become a full time job. Maybe our lesson in witnessing it is just to watch out for any similar pot-hole.

I heard her once. Once was enough.

Why do people go on the Howard Stern show? Maybe some negative attention is worth it to them.

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Why do people always smile when Mike Wallace walks in to interview them? I guess they think they are the one exception to the rule that he is always on the attack.

Dr. Laura should be locked up for abuse. People who can’t handle their emotional problems call her and within 30 seconds she has decided to either abuse them or abuse their significant other. With no facts to go on, she dispenses her radical prescription for their lives.

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What a bitch that woman is.

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@JWTK – you know, you have an excellent point, there. From what I remember about her shows, there was a formula.

I do think it should be criminal for a quickie diagnosis, on air…on tv or even on the web!

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I can’t stand her. My father used to listen to her sometimes, and any time I happened to be in the car with him, I’d go on these huge rants about how horrible she is.

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Forget for a moment that she is a hypocritical adultress who had been estranged from her own mother. She is a doctor of physiology, not psychology. How pretentious to throw the “doctor” moniker in front of her name and then act as if she is qualified to give advice outside her expertise.
God forbid if somebody cheats with a married man or refuses to communicate with their own mother. Dr. Laura will tell you what a horrible human being you are. She definitely lives by the credo “do as I say, not as I do.”

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She’s a boil on radio’s bum.

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The John Edwards of radio. Or, John Edwards is the Laura Schlesinger of politics.

She has (had?) nice boobs, though.

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I know, I saw them! Naughty, naughty…the effect is ruined by her face though

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She has (had?) nice boobs, though.

Well, that’s not special. Boobs pretty much just have to exist to be great.

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She is a boob! Nice or not…

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