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My Outlook is frozen!!! Another damn computer question.

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 13th, 2008

A work friend sent me an email with 4 jpg attachments of her granddaughter. Somehow, 13 copies of an email with the same 4 jpg attachments were queued up waiting to be received. I had to reboot my computer 5 times and reopen Outlook before they were completely received (I didn’t know how to not receive them).

So now I have 13 identical big, fat email messages that are causing Outlook to freeze everytime I open it up. I can’t even select the messages to delete them. And rest assured I haven’t opened any of the attachments. What the heck is going on? And how can I rectify it?

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Yowsers! I don’t think I have ever had that problem. I’ll do some research and see what I can find out!

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Thanks, cak. It also looks like there is a particular spam mail that is replicating in my junkmail folder so that I have 21 identical copies of it! I’m wondering if something is happening on my end. I’m running a virus scan right now to see if it catches anything. My limited brain is stumped here.

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Have you contacted the person that sent it to you? I’m wondering if they also had a virus…sounds like a very annoying virus, to me. If it was just too large – you could work past it, but it sounds like some kind of bug.

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it’s trying to process the email when you have one of those emails selected. since it’s the last thing that came in, that’s probably what is selected. even with smaller attachments, Outlook will hesitate. so, it’s not really “freezing”, it’s just taking a really long time to process this extremely large email. i am not sure of anything you can do besides wait it out. you could try “safe mode” in Outlook. Safe Mode will just not run add-on’s and stuff like that, but maybe something like that is screwing it up.

To run “safe mode” in Outlook, do one of the following, hold down CTRL as you open outlook or go to start and then run and type in “outlook /safe”

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@ccatron: It worked! Thanks so much! I had 109 of the same giant message! It was horrible. I ran Outlook in safe mode and it quickly got the task done. Whew! I appreciate your help.

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lol!!!! 109???? I’m glad ccatron is smart! He ROCKS! I’m writing that info down and keeping it near my computer!

All I could think of was the horrible virus about 10 years ago, that continued to duplicate things….I was ready to go insane!

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haha…I’m glad it worked! you’re welcome. i wasn’t 100% sure it would, but now I know it will!

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