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Can children suffer from stress?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19436points) October 25th, 2017

Like from a parent getting divorced or killed? Or life in general? I was teased and bullied as a child and I would lash out at my tormentors. I settled on staying in bed and not engaging with the buiilies.

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Yes, of course. I remember feeling stressed when I was 7, 8 years old – just from school.

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Yes, of course. I’d say (and have experienced and studied for quite a few years) that (to put it very crudely and generalize, but still) most screwed-up adults (and also “normal” and normal-seeming adults, often without realizing it) are screwed up from the stresses, trauma and abuse they suffered as kids, and that didn’t get properly addressed and healed because most of our society lacks awareness of that and how to do it.

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Yes, absolutely!

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Seriously? Hell yes they can!

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Yes, my elementary school daughter exhibited a lot of coping/anxiety behaviors from trying to deal with her mother. She continually chewed her hair and also twirled her hair.

It took a few months of therapy before she did not feel the stress and was able to stop the habits.

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Yes, it is quite possible to trace all maladaptive, dysfunctional, and pathological behaviors in adults to childhood abuse, trauma, neglect, stress, etc.

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Of course kids can get stress. When I was in like, kindergarden, I got stressed out all the time. I was a really slow learner and I hated it.

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Of course. They stress about things we can’t even imagine. The monsters in the closet, is dad going to come home drunk again, what if somebody tries to kidnap me. Their imaginations makes everything much more intense.

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