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Asked by Samantha (1points) August 13th, 2008

Why do guys have them? They serve no purpose!

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I know a few guys that enjoy nipple play… I think it depends on the person. I know girls who’ve told me nipple play does nothing for them.

If your taking about an actual purpose like feeding a baby, then I don’t know. But anything that gives pleasure serves a purpose, right?

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Check out this question from a few weeks ago. Lots of good answers there.

EDIT: Damn you, uberbatman..

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Nipples? YES!!!

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A related questions is: Why does society prefer that women cover their nipples but could care less about men’s?

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Men have nipples because the skeleton and epithelial cells develop in the fetus before the organs and therefore the nipples develop before the genitals, which will determine the sex. So if it’s a girl the nipples are to be used for baby feeding but if it’s a boy, they’re already there but serve no purpose.

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It is one of the sensual parts of male organ – for most men. There are a lot of pleasure accruing with nipple touching. To enhance the pleasure, there are a lot of nipple toys available in the market.

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@ideabrian Why does society prefer that women cover their nipples but could care less about men’s?
I wonder that myself. It seems to be more of an industrialized nation hang up, not an indigenous nation hang up. Then again, not ever first world nation seems hung up with it. It is like a lie you keep telling yourself until you believe it. Somehow, in many instances you can expose most or the entire breast as long as you don’t see any nipple or areola. Then as to increase the folly if a woman goes about with a fully covered breast but braless with indentations of the nipple visible that is almost worse than seeing the entire breast with pasties. Don’t let the top be braless and sheer, being semi opaque, that is grounds for getting the pitch forks and boiling oil out. I don’t think it will ever make sense to me. I think it is mostly women self-censoring themselves than society making them; if society is doing it, then it is by shaming women into bras—even when they do not need them.

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