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Does it make much of a difference what manufacturer makes compression socks/garments?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30572points) October 29th, 2017

My PT is recommending Mediven. But they seem to be the high price brand; there are at least a half dozen other manufacturers of compression socks, at prices 30–40% less.

Is there a tangible difference in how they fit and how long they last?

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There may be a difference in their longevity.

There may be coupons online available for that brand. Worth a shot….

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Here are the reviews on


Ames Walker also has reviews.

Try reviews from competitors and you’ll have a good perspective.

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@elbanditoroso My experience is mostly with mild compression. I prefer the cotton mild compression. I am not a fan of microfiber or synthetic. And there certainly is a wide varirety of comressions and choices of fabric and of course price. Here’s the website I use:

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@si3tech – thanks, will check them out.

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