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Is there any incentive to NHL teams to deliberately lose a season to get a first round draft pick?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) October 30th, 2017

National Hockey League. I suspected that a certain team was doing that 10 or so years ago. I don’t need to be sued so I won’t name names. In the NHL sometimes the last placed team gets a higher percent chance of getting a first round draft pick.

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Also throwing games in order to get a new stadium. Is that standard in your region?

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I have never heard of a team throwing game to get a new venue built. I don’t know how that would be an outcome for a loser. But the losing games at the end of the season to get higher draft picks is common speculation, especially in the NFL.

That is why the NBA went to a lottery system to determine the draft order for the “bottom” teams.

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^Correct. The lottery is supposed to prevent ” tanking.”

The expectations for an NFL coach should prevent tanking. Can’t say it is 100%“successful, but the pressure to “win now,” is heavy in that sport… As a coach, it’s a poor strategy, if you want to be coaching for long…

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The Philadelphia 76ers supposedly adopted a policy of losing in order to get high draft picks. Link

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Kind of a risky strategy. Top draft picks often don’t pan out too well. Some end up plagued with injuries. Others just can’t seem to compete on that highest level. And some absolute all-stars come from low in the draft (case-in-point: Albert Pujols, who was the 402nd pick in the 1999 MLB draft).

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^It’s a very risky strategy.

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