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I'm planning a trip to central america with some friends-- where should we go??

Asked by questionite (22points) July 25th, 2007

We're planning a 3 day trip in August and are trying to choose a fun country to visit. Some cursury research has pointed us to Nicaragua, Guatemala or Panama... We'd like to go somewhere where there are fun things to see and do-- not too picky. Thoughts??

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Could you give more info about your interests? I spent a year living in several countries in Central America and could point you toward several places depending on your budget, language ability, standard of living (as in, do want comfy resorts/hotels or minimal-needs places in poorer areas), what kinds of activities you enjoy (tourism at natural places like beaches or rainforest, learning about culture or history, shopping, dancing, leftist political interests, etc)..................

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My trip to Costa Rica 10 years ago is something that I will never forget. I plan to do it again very soon if possible. The thing with Costa Rica is that in such a small country you can visit so many different regions and different terrains, such as beach, mountains, arid flatlands, and rain and cloud forests, all within a few hours drive from each other. Hiking, Whitewater rafting, surfing, snorkeling, SCUBA, and much much more in a very friendly country. The east and west coasts are totally different with different native cultures as well.


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Me and my friend followed and tried to recreate Che Guevara's journey in the "motorcycle diaries" but we did use a quite a lot of modes of transportation other than a bike. We went to 8 of the 15 places in the film:
1 Buenos Aires, Argentina
2 Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
3 San Martín de los Andes, Argentina
4 Lago Frías, Patagonia, Argentina
5 Temuco, Chile
6 Los Ángeles, Chile
7 Valparaíso, Chile
8 Atacama desert, Chile

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Cozumel is always fun

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Guatemala or Costa Rica. My friend and her hubby visited Guatemala and they loved it. She said it was a trip she will never forget. Friendly and warm people. Costa Rica, heard rave reviews about it. Have a fun trip!

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If you only have 3 days I might recommend costa rica. go to arenal hot springs. i have never actually gone myself, but everyone loves it, and i heard that it is worth the money to go to the nicer, more expensive place. and its costa rica, its probably pretty cheap anyway. depending on your budget you can stay in a cheap hostel or a nice hotel.... check out the lonely planet guide. if you just want to relax and do nothing go to bocas del toro panama. i loved it there. take a $2 boat to bastimento and walk through the jungle to the beach. i am forgetting the name now of the beach, but it rules.

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