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How is Russia the 'bad' guy?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) August 13th, 2008

Why is the world up in arms because Russia is defending an ethnic population from the Georgian Government? I’m looking at all the information about this and I can;t see for a second why the media and people in general are supporting Georgia on this one? (especially considering that they support the formation of countries like East Timor, Kosovo etc. and the South Ossetian invasion by Georgia is a direct assault on what has been a de facto country for many years )

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As far as i know they’re not. The recen events surrounding Georgia has been a catastrophe. When Georgia invaded South Osseta Russia jumped in to protect the South Ossetian people, this is a perfectly legitimate move on Russia’s part. But when Russia then counter attacked Georgia invading them and bombing the f**k out of them it put Russia in a bad place because they had put themselves on level with Georgia attacking South Osseta. Russia has been put as the ‘Bad Buy’ because Georgia is America’s only ally in Eastern Europe and because all western newspapers obviously have some level of bias we are positioned to not like the Russians. Now that America has gotten involved in the whole thing previous concerns about a Russian-American conflict are of course arising again with conspiracy theorists and the like.

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Good point blue, I actually have a close friend who lives in uzbekistan whom i talk to a few times a week on skype, anyways talking to her made me realize that our point of view on this is actually pretty biased. Few people even realize that south ossetia claimed independence from georgia, but no one recognized it. I think people naturally demonize the Russians at first glance, since that is all we have known for the past 50 years. Also this is russias first military operation since afghanistan, So naturally everyone in the west is over reacting a bit, and afraid of what else russia may be after.

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I should add, I don’t think Russia is attempting to reclaim their empire, (which is what people are afraid of I think) they are just doing what the United States did with kosovo, and possibly flexing their muscle so other countries thinking of standing up to the russians think twice before causing more problems.

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The whole situation seems a bit odd to me….I mean the French are negotiating peace/agreement!! Who knows who’s the bad or the good in all this – it’s opposite land!

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Because this could be easily figured out through talking and sanctioning.

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Because the world needs to stand next to Georgia as they are, you know, adopting a western forms of government :) decmocracy rocks

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The media is supporting Georgia because we helped train Georgian troops in the build up to this conflict. As usual, we have a vested interest I’m everyone else’s business and we are helping pay for it. We need to start minding our own business

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i think this country needs to stop butting its nose into other countries’ conflicts. russia is big and has nuclear weapons, and we’ve been on fairly friendly terms with them recently, which has been a nice change from the 70’s and 80’s. we should stay out of it and let them all resolve their own conflicts.

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Check out this funny ass quote at the top of my local newspaper by Condi Rice: “This is not 1968… where Russia can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government, and get away with it. Things have changed.”

I guess now we are the only ones allowed to do so.

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If Russia becomes the new bad guy, it might just be what John McCain needs to get ahead of Obama. Like I always say, follow the money. McCain’s chief foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann (member of Project for a New American Century), has many ties to Georgia.
I have said before, I believe the media is playing up Obama, while completely ignoring McCain’s MAJOR flaws, to let McCain be our “war hero” leader against another American made war. Watching CNN today, they play the conflict up, as other media has, as being Russia’s fault yet fail to mention that American trained, Georgian troops attacked South Ossetia. I highly recommend reading about PNAC. It really shows everything that has been going on has been planned for a long time.

Georgia War a Neocon Election Ploy?

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The U.S. recently had marines in Georgia training there armed forces. What if Russia sent there marines to Mexico to train there armed forces?

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there are no longer “rules” to invasion. We put that to bed about 6 years ago. Pseudo-war is the new war.

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