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What is the best way to get to sleep?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 14th, 2008

I have Insomnia and I don’t want to take any pills for it does any body know of any good home remedies of getting to sleep?

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drink a big glass of milk. that usually does it for me.

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that and masturbation/sex

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Well, fluthering def doesnt help lol. Usually what helps me fall asleep at night is painting a house for 10 hours a day all week. got any projects you been thinking of getting done? if not find some sort of physical activity that will make you exhausted in the evening. Running is good, but anything physically exhausting works.

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I Fluther, Read, or call my boyfriend and complain that I can’t sleep..

Hot Chamomile tea makes me sleepy

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Joga can teach You how to relax in bed

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Get a boring book

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Warm milk with a little sugar and vanilla in it – it’s the most soothing thing ever – puts me right to sleep!

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Add a turkey sandwich to that warm milk if you do not have late-night eating issues. Th double dose of L-typtophan should help you nod off.

Do you do yoga? Yoga always helps me sleep.

I also use chamomile tea right before bed.

On the non-remedy front, make sure your room is as dark as possible. Cover the night-glowing clock or other appliances. Darken the windows so little light gets in. Wear an eye mask (I use a soft olf t-shirt.).

Good luck.

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@romenaz I like your answer except on thing Is there any boring books? I just love to read.

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Yeah – there sure are! It usually involves a required text book that is dry…where you are trying to learn something that you are not that wholly interested in, but that you know you really should know….get my drifzzzzzzzzz

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Valerian does the trick for my husband when he can’t sleep. As for me, I plug in my iPod and listen to audiobooks in bed. That usually helps me go to sleep. Hot milk with a shot of brandy is great for insomnia too.

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@ tantigirl what is Valerian?

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@ redsgirl4eva – Valerian is a herb, it is the roots that are used. You can get it as capsules, tea, liquid extract. I think GNC has it and I think you’d find most health food stores would have it also. My husband prefers to take the capsules. It really does work very well for him.

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What helps me is, some good music or you can also try mantras. If you believe in sound vibrations, then mantras might really help you because there are certainly some mantras whose beats create vibrations in your mind which help you to relax and makes you fall asleep. :)

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