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Hoe do I change the Alpha Channel on a picture?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) August 14th, 2008

Is there some application I can use, or something I have to do?

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There should be a button on your remote. Do you have satellite or cable?

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Make the hoe do it her damn self!

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Can’t make a ho into a housewife! Hoes don’t act right.

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“You’Z a Hoe”

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How did you do the musical notes?! That is awesome

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start/ run/ charmap

… hoe

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@ cheebdragon – you so rule the roost and how the hell did you do the notes!?!?! You kill me every time!!!

@ xxporkxsodaxx How do you mean “change the alpha channel” if you go to the channels pallet you will see the alpha channel. You can make a selection on your picture then go to that pallet in the upper right, click, and select New Channel

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♪ = &# 9834;
♫ = &# 9835;
♬ = &# 9836;
♭ = &# 9837;
(just remove the space between the # and the 9)

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in Photoshop, go to the help menu, type in ‘alpha channels’ and scroll down to the one that says ‘working with alpha channels’...

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@Bri, thank you for being the first answer the question, I have no clue what you mean by channels pallet, I just control click, and then click “get info” and maximize the more info area. I don’t have any photo editing software besides iPhoto.

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OH, sorry I made the assumption since you had listed photoshop it was specific to that program. I don’t know in iPhoto how to do that. I will look at that program and see.

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Well can I just email you the picture so you can do it? I’m trying to change the alpha channel so it’s compatible with PwnageTool.

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We can try that sure. Can you tell me what pwang tool can import and I will give it to you. I private messaged my email to you.

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What are you trying to do? Alpha channels are just fancy ways of saving and making selections and masks. They’re kind of annoying mainly because they take up memory and have to be removed for certain types of files and printers.

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