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What are your thoughts on 100th anniversary of Russian Bolshevik revolution?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) November 5th, 2017

On 7th November it will be 100th anniversary of communist Revolution by Vladimir Lenin. Incidentally there’s another Vladimir heading Russia now! What is the good, bad and ugly about this revolution in your opinion?

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I’d say that, wish the perspetive of 100 years, it didn’t work out quite the way they had planned it.

Would Lenin and Trotsky approve of Putin? I doubt it seriously.

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Or Stalin either for that matter.

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While the revolution intended to give power to the people it went disastrously wrong when Stalin came into power heralding an era of terror and mass murder and concentrating total power in that one man’s hands.

The idea of a planned economy didn’t work out either and now Russia seems ruled by a coterie of gangster billionaires who nevertheless enjoy a measure of public support. Not dissimilar to present day USA.

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@ragingloli Is that blood shown seeping over the world towards the end of the video?

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No, that is the spread of communism.

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