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If you wear a wristwatch, what does it look like?

Asked by Jeruba (51916points) November 5th, 2017

Size, style? Analog, digital? Numerals? Watchband? Color?

Is it a utilitarian device—a practical, useful tool—or do you regard it as jewelry, an accessory?

Or is it now all about your phone?


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For most of my adult life I have worn either a Mickey Mouse I love Mickey watch or an m&m watch. I also love m&ms.
Always analog, never expensive, just solid, reliable chronometers. With cartoons or candy on.

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I have a very fine Raymond Weil watch I bought from duty free while I was on a plane flying to Asia. I cannot now remember exactly when I bought it. I flew to Asia a lot for a long time. It’s at least 25 years ago, but I may be closer to 30.

About a year ago, it stopped working. I thought it was the battery, but the shop said it was something more. I just got it fixed, and I’m thrilled.

It has a leather band. I’ve always used black leather bands when they’ve needed replacing.

The case is gold. It has a white dial with roman numerals. It has the date right above the VI blocking out a tiny bit of the numeral. The hands are very nice. They get wider near the tip and then end in a point.

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I wear an inexpensive digital watch with very large numbers, at work. I like to be able to see the numbers without having to put on my glasses. It’s cheap, because it doesn’t matter what it looks like, or if it gets banged up, or lost, because I can just get another one.

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These days I am wearing an Apple watch.

When I was in college, I bought a good Seiko analog watch at the duty free shop in Hong Kong. I wore that watch for close to twenty years until the band broke.

I bought a good Seiko analog Mickey Mouse watch at Disneyland in 1998, with the clock hands being Mickey’s arms. I wore that for a good ten years until I had trouble finding a decent leather band for it.

I consider watches as both utilitarian and a little bit of show, but not a full on piece of jewelry.

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I have an analogue watch I have worn for 37 years and it still keeps excellent time. It is very plain with a white face and no numbers just pale gold marks to indicate the hours and the minutes. It has a hand to mark the seconds and also indicates the day and the date. It has only stopped once, when I fell off my bicycle, but after a shake it resumed telling near perfect time. It says Seiko Quartz in small letters on the face.

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Analog, cheapo, utilitarian

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I have a fitbit surge and at some point will replace it with a next gen smart watch.

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I use to wear any one of those cheap black plastic athletic watches with the stop watch feature mainly for timing my athletic events and practices.

I’m currently wearing a black waterproof Apple Watch on my left wrist. My wife bought it for me because I “Never answer my cell phone” as she claims. But now I feel compelled to answer my cool DickTracy like wrist watch. We’ve been married for 27 years and she knows how I tick very well. Now I eagerly answer the phone even when I’m out paddling in my canoe, walking and jogging. I can run but I can no longer hide. At least until the novelty wears off. HA!

For athletic events I wear a red TomTom® GPS Runner on my right wrist.

FYI: I don’t wear any kind of jewelry. Not even a wedding band. I’d never wear a watch just for looks.

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I have never been able to wear a watch. I have an unusual condition which causes them to go haywire.
I do have a watch on a necklace. It is a dial type.
My daughter wears a digital which is also a calculator.

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I wear a watch about 25% of the time. In the last 15 years it’s always been the same watch, even though I have others.

All the children in my husband’s family (meaning my husband and his siblings) wear that same watch, so it was symbolic that my husband wanted me to have the same. The watch is expensive, at least to me it is, so I usually wouldn’t wear it if I’m going to go zumba that day, or if I’ll be in a place that I wouldn’t wear “nice” jewelry. The value of it used isn’t that high, but to replace it new is more than I would be willing to spend.

The watch is sometimes in a safety deposit box, or in a safe in my house, and so then I might go weeks or months and not wear it—out of sight out of mind. It has Roman numerals on the face, and a very typical ladies size. It runs on a battery. It’s two tone metal, square face.

Otherwise, I use my phone, or the clocks on the walls.

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@canidmajor I have a friend who also wore Mickey Mouse watches for decades. Early in his marriage his wife had bought him a Rolex. He wore it for about six months before being robbed at gunpoint. They took his wallet and his watch. He had maybe twenty bucks in his wallet but the loss of his watch made him so angry that he swore he would never wear another expensive watch again. From that day on all he ever wore were Mickey Mouse watches that he said no one would ever steal from him.

Me, I wear a digital Armitron. Nothing fancy, I can probably go down and buy another very similar to it for less than $15.00 but it keeps good time and has been going for years. It never comes off my wrist and probably won’t until it stops working. It is waterproof, dust proof, shock proof,and used to be silver colored but is so old at this point that both the band and body have faded and worn to a dirty grey color. It has several functions such as an alarm, stop watch etc. I can’t tell you exactly what it extra functions are, I cannot ever remember ever using any of them.

My ten year old grandson asked me why I wear a watch. I told him so I could know what time it is. His response: “But Grandpa, that is what your phone is for”.

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Somebody make @bob_ a sammich.

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