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What is the proper plural form of "Mr."?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) July 25th, 2007
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sirs, i think.

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I concur.

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Actually, it's Messrs.

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i agree with gavel its Messrs (IPA pronunciation: ['mes%u0259(r)z])

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I would probably try to avoid "Messrs." in most contexts. "Sirs" could work; writing Mr. twice seems better most of the time, or writing "gentlemen" and avoiding the plural Mr. altogether.

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It depends on whom you are addressing and in what format. Are you writing to lawyers? Sending out invitations? Addressing a group of people? The audience makes all the difference as to which plural is appropriate.

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The plural of sir is sirs. The plural of Mr is Messrs. So, Dear Sirs, to a group of men whose names you don't know (or need to use) and Messrs Rolls and Royce built cars for the rich and famous.

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This has all been quite helpful/illuminating, thanks. I'm actually writing to a pair of potential employers, in an uber-casual workplace. It would ALMOST be ok to use their first names.

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@mirza – ”(IPA pronunciation: [‘mes%u0259®z])” – That must be a bitch to pronounce!

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