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Why do the divers take a shower after their dive?

Asked by babiturtle36 (2354points) August 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I was watching the olympics and noticed that they take showers after they dive, why?

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Because the water is dirty(?)

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wash the pool water off…ever swam in a pool before? all that chlorine and stuff? it is nice to be able to rinse off after being in it.

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i think he means after every dive. i believe it is because when you get out of the pool the chlorine makes your skin feel sticky and it glides less. in diving you want as little friction on your body for flipping, spinning, and entering the water. i think this is why

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It’s to keep the muscles warm. There’s also a heated plunge pool there too. (Think hot tub.) In past years the plunge pool had been more popular, but this year it’s all about the showers.

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As swimmers we were always really jealous of the hot tubs the divers had. At a rainy meet we’d be huddled under tarps wearing parkas and Ugg boots and wet towels and they’d be all warm and toasty in their hot tubs.

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getting into the shower after a dive is relaxing. in a sport where you are only active for a very short period of time you get to have breaks before you dive again. in this time you make your self comfortable and prepare for the next dive. as it also cleans of chlorine the shower is a perfect haven for divers

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The other divers may come from countries where there is limited indoor plumbing and they like the luxury of a shower that they can’t get back home. Also, these same divers may see the pool as a rather large personal toilet and nobody likes to have another person’s pee on them.

OKAY, I did it years ago….but I was young and needed the money, so don’t judge me.

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The chlorine, and the hot water is like a massage.

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