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In politics, does wealth make you a liar? Or does being a liar make you wealthy?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24393points) November 8th, 2017

As asked.

Details upon request.

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Lying is a tool that is used to become “wealthy.” Not rich, but wealthy.

In politics, lying is a tool used to move up.

Being wealthy, in and of itself, does not make one a liar. However, it is reasonable to assume that a wealthy person has lied, deceived, and cheated their way to the point where they are. Same with politics.

Lying, and being a “lyer,” are different though. A “lyer,” to me, is someone who constantly lies and may even be incapable of not lying.

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As asked? As asked, this is an example of a ridiculously reductive binary proposition, which may tempt some people to answer with other general observations and lead to muddy disagreements.

Of course wealth doesn’t “make” anyone a liar by itself, in any context.

Of course being a liar doesn’t make anyone wealthy, except in specific situations (which may be common in politics, but to your contextless question, the answer is clearly “no”).

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Neither. They’re both separate things that sometimes go together, and sometimes don’t go together.

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I like this quote. “When someone says that they became rich from hard work ask them whose. ” I think being rich and a liar come hand in hand. ~Their are honest people who became rich but I’ve never met them. I’m being tounge In cheek. I don’t know.

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Being rich is not a requirement for becomming a liar. We are all liars, at times. Gaining wealth, and or popularity does increase the temptation to test boundaries, truth, loyalty, resiliance.
Some are better than others at resisting those temptations.

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I don’t think that wealth makes somebody a liar. I believe it’s really person dependent overall.
Yet, as you clearly refer to politics, then somebody who is wealthy and is also an politician is probably a very good liar as well.
Why? Politicians are liars – doesn’t matter which country, they make their living by giving promises, where at least half of them is not delivered. They make public appearances and they make a living out of how are they recognized by the society. How can people with such skills can not be a good liars? And if you are good at something, you should exploit it and use it for your own comfort – that’s what we, humans are doing all the times, so why would politicians act differently in this regard?
Also somebody’s wealth is a great indicator of how successful this person was. It’s not different in Politics – I would even say that this statement is even more true in Politics as politician and entrepreneurs go side by side here.

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