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Other than the handicapped parking spot what do we make a point of leaving it to handicapped?

Asked by flo (11120points) November 8th, 2017

As asked.

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Braille and large print sections in the library.

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Handicapped bathroom stalls, theoretically, although people tend to use them.

In some apartment buildings the elevator is only accessible to people with a key, and keys are given out to handicapped residents.

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Special education classes.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I mean things non-handicapped can and do use. Large print documents yes.

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I once stayed in a handicapped hotel room! The bathroom was awesome! You could have a shaving cream (or whipped cream) fight in there and then hose the walls and floor down so you don’t leave a mess.

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@flo I was in special education for one day in grade 5 because I was disturbing the class. I asked the teacher to teach me calculus. She said no. I walked to my old class and went to my old desk and behaved for a week. Non disabled can use the special education class. Unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate gifted students. I did spend five minutes spinning in circles with the other classmates while waiting for the teacher to arrive. Now that I think of it it would be fun to stay in the special education class and act like a kindergarten student. If I ever relive that part of my life I would stay in the special education class for the whole year. I might just get sliced apples and juice boxes and chocolate milk.

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Front seats on city busses.
A rear space on Greyhound busses for wheelchairs.
Front of a line, sometimes.
Lower seating on Amtrak.

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The city buses here have side-facing seats in the front that are easier for the disabled, elderly, and those pushing strollers. People are good about vacating when they see a potential user getting on. The seats also fold up to clear floor space for wheelchairs and strollers. And there are “seat belts” to keep a wheelchair stationary.

The buses also have mechanical ramps that unfold like a tongue for roll-on/roll-off access.

Most of the L train stations got elevators in the past 15 years. But some don’t.

Come to think of it, I don’t often see wheelchairs on the trains. Maybe because all the buses are so well equipped.

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Many movie theaters have chairs specifically for disabled viewers, though they are often taken by the able bodied.

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