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In what country do they reserve elevators for the ones who need it only?

Asked by flo (11195points) November 8th, 2017

Or where it costs a nominal amount? And not because it’s a poor country but to encourage people to move excercise as much as possible, just like plastic bags cost something now.

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In Japan the engineering office where I worked was on the 4th floor. It was considered lazy and dishonorable to take the elevator.
You could use it without shame if you were moving a lot of material, a woman carrying a tray of tea, or were on crutches. But, healthy guys would not use it. We’d go up the 4 flights 2 steps at a time – and pretend we were not winded.

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Interesting. I wonder if in N.America there is a city where that’s the case.

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@flo The “office ladies”, usually dressed in heels, could take the elevator without shame.
They were almost always in a group.
Also the elevator was irritatingly slow. That discouraged use. Heck, We are Samuri and Samuri don’t take elevators!

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It’s not rare to see women too taking 2 steps at a time by the way, right?

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@flo. Other female workers, yes. But not the Office Ladies.
In general everyone was physically fit.

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@LuckyGuy Was the company fitness related? Added I mean engineering, but indirectly fitness related?

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