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Care to have a party with me to congratulate someone?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20786points) November 8th, 2017

RedDeerGuy1 has reached 10k again! Let’s chill out and congratulate him!

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Very well done! Love your questions and answers. Congrats!

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Congratulations on your accomplishment! :)

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Thanks.. I Fluther 30 times a day every day its my second home. Maybe my first home. : )

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It’s my home too, don’t worry :D

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@RedDeerGuy1 This is stupendous! Congratulations! or as we say here in Hawaii, Ho’omaikai! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m glad you ask questions. I’m glad you write answers. I’m glad you reply to people on threads. You are a valuable member of this community!


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Gold star, my dude.

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Great work @RedDeerGuy1 ! Congratulations!

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Great job!! We lurve you buddy!

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Congrats @RedDeerGuy1 and all the best for many more lurves!!!

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Congrats ! Nice persistence!

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Yo Bro !

Keep up the questions.

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Well, you’re movin’ on up
To the Big Time
To a DELUX appointment
In the sky,-
YEAH, you’re movin’ on up
To the Big Time
You finally got your piece
of the pie!

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Congrats, @RedDeerGuy1! Awesome accomplishment again and very much deserved :) Thanks for your contributions to the community—it’d be lacking without you!

I’ve seen that your previous room has been saved for you in the mansion, ready for you to stroll on back in! Unless of course you want a new room, in which case I think the place is due for a bit of a renovation! :)

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Congratulations @RedDeerGuy1 ! This is a much deserved honor. Keep those questions and answers coming!

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Well done to a unique person with a sensitive streak.

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I enjoy you so much, C. You bring good things to these discussions. Thank you for being my pal.

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Sincere congratulations on your perseverance.

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I’d suggest cold beer all around. But hot coffee might be more appropriate. When it’s springtime in Red Deer it’s 40 below.

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I’ll have coffee with so much cream that it’s 10% coffee, and 95% cream

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There to go then. And meantime I’ll mosey over to the bar for some free grog.

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10Kongratulations @RedDeerGuy1 Great job!

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An admirable achievement, for an excellent jelly. Cheers!

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Big hugs, and many thanks!
You make Fluther more like family. I love that you are here.
Always stay, and always be you.

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Whoa!!!! I am late. Again! I should look at meta more often!

@RedDeerGuy1 Congrats on the 10k! You add so much to the mix. Your Qs always make me think.
I still have that Red Deer shot glass! I’d be happy to send it if you tell me where! :-)

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I’ve been lurking. Thanks all.

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We’ll quit lurking and join your own party. Just steer clear of that guy in the black cape playing the weird organ music. Bit late for Halloween stunts.

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Maybe when I get to 20,000 I will have my life figured out. Right now the lead is being a comedy writer.

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Or a researcher… don’t know what field.

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Heck, I’m almost 47 and I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. :D.

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* Y * A * Y *

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Love you, RDG.
I guess I’m outta here though.
My account will probably be pulled after the way I just unloaded on the mods.
If not, I think I just don’t want to be here any more.
Don’t think I wanna be anywhere any more.
I miss stubro.

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Wtg! Great googlie wooglie, you are rocking this site!

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Update I Would love to take psychology career development classes from Athabasca University, and a nutrition for health class for fun. Also just to help Jellies for free.

Will save up for online psychology classes from Athabasca University

RedDeerGuy1's avatar

Starting with this class

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Well, I’ll be hog tied!

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