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Is it looking good for the Dems in the coming mid terms?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5518points) November 8th, 2017

I would like to believe this, but the pundits told us Hillary had the POTUS election sewed up. Any politics fans there care to make a prediction?

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There is some truth to it. More “normal” people are getting into politics which only benefits all of us. I have some hope that there will be more of a centrist push. I’m certainly in the center as are most “conservatives” and “liberals” that I know personally. It’s really only one or two hot button issues that essentially force them to take “sides.” The truth about the political landscape is that people are not as party loyal or ideological as the pundits and media project. Polarization is mostly artificial for those who can form an actual opinion and not just parrot the left/right talking points. This is actually the majority of people I know so I’m hopeful that we’ll see a big push from the center and a little more common sense overall.

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It was an upbeat positive night for the Dems, but it is a year until the midterms, and there is a long road ahead.

If I were running the DNC, I would be running two ads in red states right now: “Trump and the GOP want to take away your healthcare” and “Trump and the GOP want to raise your taxes so the rich can get tax cuts.”

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If yesterday’s elections are any indication, things are looking good.

The problem for the Dems in 2018 is that even if they perform spectacularly they are unlikely to get the Senate, and will in fact probably lose ground in the Senate, just due to sheer statistics. There are defending 25 of their seats in 2018 while the Republicans are defending just 8.

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I flipped a coin but it hasn’t landed yet…

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Hopeless optimism. Baseless too…

The dems have no plan as usual, except to assume that the nation will see the obvious “fuck everyone who isn’t rich” agenda of the right, and vote the Republicans out. Won’t happen. The majority of people who can vote are too stupid,I’ll informed, or don’t care.

It doesn’t matter anyway. The country’s elite will be pulling the strings, no matter if they are blue or red ones…

Sound pessimistic? Yeah. I was called pessimistic a year ago. Turns out that there was good cause. Even I wasn’t so pessimistic, that I thought Trump could be elected. Now I’m supposed to hope that the voters make good decisions? LMFAO!....

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What I found encouraging is that the Democrats did surprisingly well in local elections. The Democrats have to start building up from bottom to top. That was the Republican strategy, which worked very well. Time to turn the tables. It may take a while to see results, but things look like they are headed in the right direction.

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No I don’t believe so. There are so many people who are disillusioned with the Democratic Branch of the Corporate Party of the United States that they will not come out and vote. There are a couple of other groups out their (Justice Democrats, Working Families Party) that more accurately represent the beliefs and values that the Democrats used to put forth before they sold out to the moneyed interests but they are fledgling groups that will probably drain enough off to ensure victory for the Republican Branch of the Corporate Party of the United States. Things will get worse before they get better.

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My opinion is that if the Democrats don’t get off the dime and stop settling for “just not quite as crazy” as the opposition, they will continue to bleed support from what should be the party’s natural base.

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<<<< See here…

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