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Do you know why Christine's speedometer run backwards?

Asked by luigirovatti (601points) November 10th, 2017

In the homonymous Stephen King horror story.

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Just part of The Thing.

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That’s not true. LeBay “helled” it.

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Because of the demon?

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The odometer running backward in Christine had several levels of symbolism. It reflected an undoing of time which manifested in damage to the car being undone. The car was a creature that made the owner revert back to the “better” times of the 1950’s, and the odometer and the radio which only played 50’s hits was a reflection of that.

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Agree with Seawulf. Christine was slowly making her way back to her beginning…whether this was due to longing for the past or perhaps it was her evil lifespan- when she reached zero, her time ended- we don’t know. Perhaps the entity which inhabited Christine had a finite amount of time to wreak havoc, and the speedo was the equivalent of the witch’s hourglass.

Thanks to a Cat D9, we will never know. :)

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