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What do you do to cheer yourself up?

Asked by imrainmaker (8201points) November 10th, 2017

What are the things you do to come out of bad mood?

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I do a gratitude list every night.

I go for a run or a walk, being outside and breathing fresh air is wonderful.

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Search the web for ancestors (finding people who are already dead cheers me up I guess).

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Hot bath and a good book, a walk or talking to a friend or my son.

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I can’t cheer up, I sink deeper into my sh#@.

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I order out.

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Music he’s me a lot. I also like to read really good books.

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Binge a favorite show.

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Start my morning off thanking the good Lord for at least one blessing in my life. If I start feeling down during a day, I take a few “me” moments to reflect on those blessings.

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Lately, not much helps.
There is a little mouse which has found his way in. I think it is the same one that came in for one night when it rained extremely hard. He left on his own. Now it is freezing out.
I have resisted evicting him. He probably has a longer life ahead of him than I do.
He seems apologetic about coming in uninvited. He doesn’t bother any groceries at all.
He comes into the livingroom late at night to watch me. I talk to him, and sometimes he runs for cover, sometimes he sits there listening to me.
I guess it just eases thoughts of death for me to know I am letting this little guy take shelter from the cold.

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I usually draw for several hours, sometimes I can draw for hours and finish several pieces in a day.

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I come to fluther and smile at how silly and primitive some people are.

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It would cheer me up if @rockfan would draw something for me.
I love to see how people express themselves through drawings.

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Look at good comedy, go outside and take photos, listen to non-sad music, cook, visit with friends, rub dog tummies.

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Well, you know…

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What kind of drawing are you thinking of? I’d be happy to draw something for you :)

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Draw what makes you happy.
Still life,
Hot rods,
People dancing,
Whatever soothes your soul.
I am aquiver with anticipation.

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^^ Aquiver?? Probably the meds…...

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I just sit on my porch with a cold beer or hot cup of coffee. I rarely get depressed any way. As the wise guy said: This too, shall pass.

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I ether listen to music, watch funny vines on YouTube, or hang out the window while smoking a cig and thinking about the good things in life.

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I like to read stories.

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Make off topic, comical replies to fluther questions in the general category.
This isn’t one of them. I am cheered plenty right now.

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^^lol.. Thanks for answering it seriously..)

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@Patty_Melt Oh gosh I do that too sometimes

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