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With online seat reservation, and up to half an hour of ads and trailers, how do certain "people" still manage to arrive late at the cinema?

Asked by ragingloli (43580points) November 10th, 2017

I think they should be barred from entering after the movie proper has commenced, with no refund.

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That seems awfully gentle; not “Off with their heads?”

It does annoy me too though.

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Off with their heads.

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A whole host of reasons. I bet some of them have kids and they have to deal with the babysitter and bratty kids before leaving the house. Or they dealt with traffic on the way. Things happen.

Also, some might assume that they can skip the previews and walk in right when the movie starts, but they mistime when the movie actually begins.

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They are the same people from my Q about the chronically late. They would be late to their own wedding, or funeral.

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Couldn’t say. It’s been years since I’ve been to a theater at any time other than 10:00 AM on Tuesday. We’re often the only people in attendance, and are not only on time, but early enough to have cocktails at the bar before the show.

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Sorry I’m late.
I had to ride the bus here. Somebody hit a motorbike at an intersection, and we were delayed until police cleared the scene.
Did I miss anything?

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Some people are late to everything. Although, it’s surprising to hear any Germans might be late, maybe they are immigrants or tourists? ~

I have to say, I run late a lot in general, but I’ve probably arrived late to the cinema only once or twice in my life. I “always” make it there before the movie starts, usually before the trailers start.

The only time I walk into a movie when it has already started is if I was watching a different flick and go into another one after the first is over. I rarely do it, but if there is a comedy, or something easy to understand if I walk in late, I have done it. For the movie goers watching that movie I guess it seems like I arrived very late for the movie. If it’s very crowded in that theatre I don’t try to squeeze in though. I wouldn’t want to be disruptive or impinge on other people’s confort who have already situated themselves. I only do it if there is lots of room and I can quickly take a space on an aisle.

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They were probably delayed in the queue for giant helpings of popcorn to munch during the film.

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After shelling out 90 smackers for tickets and concessions, maybe they take a breather and contemplate suicide before going to take their seats.

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@flutherother Do they still have intermissions in British cinemas with people walking around selling ice creams?

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@janbb That’s a great idea. I wonder why they never picked up on that idea in America? I might suggest it where I live.

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@janbb Not any more, that was a long time ago when they had an A and a B picture and an intermission in between. I remember a red velvet curtain being drawn across the screen at these times. The usherettes didn’t walk about but stood at the bottom of the aisles with their trays selling tubs of ice creams and ice lollies.

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@flutherother O to be young (and in the cinema) was very Heaven…......

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Oh, a double feature. That’s different. I still like the idea of an intermission though, especially if the film is over an hour and three quarters.

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