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Does anyone know how to get medical "super glue" out of hair without cutting it out?

Asked by BarbieM (509points) August 14th, 2008

My son had a scalp injury a few weeks ago that couldn’t be closed with stitches, so it was closed up with the medical glue. It worked great on the cut, but now he has these bits of glue left in the surrounding hair that refuse to come out. I don’t want to cut it if I don’t have to because he will have a huge bald spot in a very visible place. Any suggestions?

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I don’t know if it will work, but I’d try olive oil or peanut butter (again for the oil)

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Try acetone on a cotton ball

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You could just go with a buzz cut.

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@Randy: My husband suggested the buzz cut and my son flipped out. Image is very important in middle school. :) I told him I’d try a few other things first.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Ask your son which of his friends he has just because of how they look.

He may respond, but if he says none, then you can make a case for how image is less important than personality (unless he has a bad attitude – then it’s better to just look cool.)


Once I realized I didn’t have wonderful hair (even though I’m not balding) I loved the freedom and time savings of a short cut. I may look a little more intense sometimes, but it feels a lot better.

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@Barbie- Yeah I know what you mean. I wouldn’t ever consider it until I was ready to do it on my own.

Of course if it won’t come out, you could tell him that the buzz cut did wonders for this guy or this one

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I had that stuff applied to my lip. Eventually, it just flaked off. I have a mustache, and I was very, very upset that I might have to shave it off, but I did not. Give it some time, work it to mash it up, and try to comb it out.

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…Or did it?

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@wilhel, it’s not the hair in that one, it’s the necklace that ruins the effect.

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I agree completely that looks aren’t what are important, but he started middle school 2 days ago, and it’s a big adjustment. He’s usually pretty self-confident, but this week has him rattled.

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Only the cool guys have buzz cuts! I have one, Randy has one, even SndfreQ has one!

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Ok, for a serious answer, it don’t look bad on a boy, but it do look bad on girls. not sure about the fashions where you live, but i remember me in middle school, i never dared to do something like that, but the guys that did became popular.
If he absolutely does not want to cut his hair, give him two options: Walk around with superglue in his hair or getting a haircut.

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Oh, he’d definitely choose for leaving the glue in! It’s mom who’s trying to get it out. :)

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He may also be sensitive about a buzz cut leaving the scar in plain view.

Wow, Eambos thinks I’m cool!

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@sndfreQ : Good point.

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if he want the glue in his hair, let him have it.

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Well, you have a buzz cut, don’t you?

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Nah i have 10–15cm

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If my mom was on a public site asking people how to fix my hair, I’d be proud of her. Thanks Ma! (My mom would have said, “You want glue, have glue!” (but even though I’m a proponent of buzz now, I wouldn’t have done it in junior high (we had skinheads back then and I didn’t have any leather boots.”

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yes, peanut butter gets gum out of hair. Try that.

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I thought I would find an answer here. My grandaughter super glued a little wisp of fake hair on a small barrett attached to it on her scalp. What posessed her to do that, we don’t know but someone just told us to use finger nail polish remover. She didn’t learn when she glued 2 of her fingers together last year.

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First try soaking your hair in warm olive oil and rubbing it in gently 10–20min.

Wash the oil off. If any remains soak the hair in a warm/hot very soapy solution for 10 min.

If that doesn’t work then acetone will for sure get it out, but idk if you want that in your hair.

irst put your hair in a warm/hot sopay solution for a while

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