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Do you have any good record stores where you live?

Asked by rockfan (9368points) November 10th, 2017 from iPhone

How often do you go?

Fortunately I have an awesome independent record store where I live that I frequent a lot. Plus, the owners are incredibly friendly and helpful, so I feel good supporting their business.

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No. All the decent ones in Atlanta are gone.

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Yes, I live in hipster central (though I am old and I am not hip), so we have record stores. I like to stop in a couple of times a year, but I haven’t bought much vinyl in the past ten years. I need to digitize the few hundred albums that I already own. Mostly it’s rock/pop from 1978 – 1988 (I bought it new when I was young) plus a lot of classical.

The most remarkable record I’ve seen was Amoeba Music in LA. Check this out

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The best I ever found was the Record Den in Mentor Ohio. If they don’t have what you are looking for, they will get it. Vinyl, CD…you name it, they have it. Off bands? They probably have it.
Unfortunately, I moved from that area. Now I live in NC. There is only Yellow Dog Discs, but they are not anywhere near as comprehensive.

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There are a couple in the area that are a bit overpriced for my taste (I’ll pay $50 or more for some first-press records, but like hell I’m paying that for a reissue) but there’s an occasional bargain. We go pretty regularly to look around. There are four in our “rounds” off the top of my head. I do like that they are willing to stock local bands’ stuff, and support the local music scene.

If there’s something specific we’re looking for, there’s a few record store owners in various places in and out of the country we keep in touch with through email and Discogs.

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Yes, but I generally don’t go to them at all.

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I live a few blocks from one that has been there forever. And by forever I mean that when I was in high school we ditched school to find a copy of Ill Communication. It had just dropped and the only place that had some copies was the place a few blocks from where I currently live.

I was rocking one of these at the time since diskmans and skateboarding didn’t go well together. The Sony Sport Walkmans were tanks.

I ended up getting Ill Communication on cassette.

I walk past the record store everyday but haven’t actually gone in the last 20 years.

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Yes, there is an excellent one called The Vinyl Solution in San Mateo. It’s reasonably priced and has a wide selection. I visit a couple times a year.

There’s one closer called The Record Man in Redwood City, but this one is really only useful for finding rare LPs and their great annual sales (where they sell records for $1 a disc). But any other time of the year, don’t expect to buy an LP from them for less than $15 (if you’re lucky).

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There is one good one left. I cashed in my lp collection several years ago don’t go anymore.

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I live near Berkeley, CA, so there are a few very good record stores.

But I don’t have a turntable anymore, so I don’t buy records. And I don’t buy CDs at stores, I usually get them at the merchantable at a performance, or directly from the artist on line.

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