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How easily can a credit card thief get caught with surveillance?

Asked by chelle21689 (6898points) November 11th, 2017 from iPhone

Yesterday somehow my wallet got stolen from my purse and I have no idea how. I keep my office locked when I leave… I work at a university so I am sure it was a student or contractor since we have a lot of foot traffic from them in and out around my department’s area. Unfortunately we moved to the ground (basement) and have no cameras facing my hall.

Anyway, not even three hours and this their went on a shopping spree to Khols, Footlocker, Dollar General, gas stations, etc. spending over $500. I closed all my accounts and am filing a report. These places have camera footage and Can see who bought what for what price and at what time.

But will this even do anything? I want these people to pay for their crime.

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I always locked my wallet in a drawer if I took my wallet out of my pocket.
That said; file a police report and give the police the places and times that the cards were used.

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Someone got my ID and spent a ton of money on my charge card at Macy’s – even though I still had my card. When I called up, they erased all the charges and we set up security on my account (and a new card.) I aksed if they would try to find and arrest the person who had hacked my account and they – Macy’s fraud division – said they don’t do that.

So I would assume yours won’t be found by the stores either.

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Depending on who is your credit card company, the debts may or may not be erased.
The stores will not pursue offenders, but they will provide whatever proof they have to police.
If good video exists, police will sometimes air to the news in hopes the criminal will be recognized and turned in.
If they forged your signature to use a card, that extends their list of punnishable crimes.
You need to be the link between your credit company, the businesses where your card was used, and police.
Edit: you should contact all of the above ASAP.
On a side note, just to brain screw the guilty, if it were me, I would post a note on my office door.
.............. WARNING…..............
There is a thief with access to these offices. Keep valuables locked or on your person.
Thief is currently being investigated, and will be prosecuted.

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I just went to the public safety department at work and they’re already calling around for the date, time and transaction it occurred to request for surveillance. I think more than likely it is a student or worker…so if it is we are likely to catch them they said. I hope!

Oh and I froze all my accounts immediately. Getting new cards =( Now i have to wait until Monday to get a new ID.

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I hope they give you the option of drop kicking the guilty rat!

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@chelle21689 You might have good luck with them catching the thief at the campus end. Hope so!

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