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Is normalization of pedophilia inevitable?

Asked by DominicY (5657points) November 11th, 2017

Some people argue that because homosexuality has been normalized, pedophilia is “right around the corner”. That accepting one fringe sexuality means that others are not far from being accepted themselves.

But this also raises other questions: what does normalization of pedophilia entail? Does separating pedophilic attraction from action “normalize” it? Can pedophiles change their attraction? Should they be seen as “sick” or “evil”? (Or both?)

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The “normalization of pedophilia” theory is usually touted by far right wing lunatics who are already vehemently anti-gay.

There is absolutely no way that acting on pedophiliac urges will ever be acceptable.

Liberal humanists want to treat the mental illness of pedophilia by giving pedophiles (the ones who haven’t committed any crimes) therapy and treating them as people, not monsters. Conservatives hate that.

Oh and it’s so ridiculous that a lot of conservatives can’t comprehend the difference between consent and coercion.

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No, it is not inevitable. The recognition that children cannot give consent is much stronger now than in the past.

Jerry Lee Lewis would not be able to have his 13 yr old bride nowadays.

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Judge Roy Moore is not helping the cause….

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It would, however, be helpful if people stopped misusing the term and conflating it with the legal age of majority (which often doesn’t even coincide with legal age of consent anyway).

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No. You wish??

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@kritiper Yes. I wish. You’ve got me all figured out.

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Guys is guys. Ain’t it a bitch??

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It’s not at all the same type of issue.

Especially in that the main problem with pedophilia is that it victimizes children, whereas homosexuality does no such thing.

It seems like mainly conservative viewpoints and those which vilify homosexuality would tend to put them in the same category and not get that one is child abuse and the other doesn’t victimize anyone.

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That’s one of those arguments always pushed by ignorant people on their fellow ignoramuses. The promise of a wicked America where dogs and cats openly romance one another in the public streets and churches.

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It’s probably more illegal now than it has ever been throughout history.

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No, even though there clearly is a push to normalize it by people in the pedophile community who attempt to attach it to left-wing politics most people are reasonable and will stop at nothing to end it. I believe that yes, they should be seen as sick. This is not something that should not ever be considered “normal.” Sexual urges never trump treating children or people as humans and not objects.

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It’s probably never been less normalised. There are frequent moral panics over paedophilia, and the usual misplaced vigilantism that goes with that.

The problem with paedophilia, and here there is an analogue with homosexuality, is that it is not a choice. People don’t just choose to find children sexually attractive.

That’s a problem, since paedophiles don’t have any legitimate outlet for their sexual impulses—they have to actively resist their impulses to not only remain celibate, but also avoid the likely very illegal pornography that they would find stimulating. Even things like child sex dolls and CGI porn for paedophiles is mostly proscribed.

How many of you could remain celibate and avoid pornography?

@ARE_you_kidding_me Who attaches it to left-wing politics?

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You’re kidding right lol?

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Isn’t the word paedophilia? Pedophilia surely has something to do with feet.

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@basstrom188 Actually that would be podophilia, using the Greek roots. :)

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Technically, Moore wouldn’t be considered a paedophile because the girl was over 13 years old.

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Maybe, if Republicans stay in charge.

It seems pretty normal in many countries, or at least many cultures. I’m not sure if child marriage counts, but it should be in the conversation.

The analogy about homosexuality is not a good one.

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I think just the opposite will be the case. At one time, corporal punishment of children was the norm. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is from a biblical verse. Corporal punishment of children is no longer acceptable among most people and has been in steady decline. I think that the story will be similar with pedophilia.

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Homosexuality refers to the attraction of one to another of the same sex. Pedophilia refers to the attraction of an adult to a child of either/both sexes. So, again, and in addition to my prior post, no.

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“Maybe, if Republicans stay in charge” eyeroll

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No! Absolutely not. Comparing pedophilia to homosexuality is ridiculous.

Being attracted sexually to a prepubescent child is beyond my comprehension. Even thinking it is unforgivable to me, but obviously isn’t going to put anyone in jail I guess. Any sort of action is reprehensible and criminal in my mind.

There is no slippery slope here. Adults attracted to adults and consenting to participate in sexual acts together of their own free wills is completely different than involving a child in sexual acts. Heterosexual or homosexual it’s not ok to abuse a child like that.

@basstrom188 I think you have the British spelling.

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