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How can I save our toilet paper from our rambunctious kitty?

Asked by Aethelwine (42476points) November 11th, 2017

Our kitty is about 10 months old and has recently started attacking our toilet paper. If the roll is attached to the holder our kitty will unroll it. If he finds a loose roll he’ll grab it and tear it to pieces.

How do we save the toilet paper from these attacks without keeping the bathroom door closed?

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Stop the toilet paper from teasing your kitty. It is clearly the toilet paper’s fault.

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Aww :)

Have you tried hanging the TP the other way? I’m thinking the kitty will always pull down from the front side and if you hang it the other way it won’t unroll.

Otherwise find a really high up shelf or closed cabinet or something to store it, I guess…

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Place a small dish of coins on top of the roll. when kitty pulls on the roll they will dump and make a heck of a racket. That will discourage further investigation.

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Maybe get a scratching post to take the job of toilet paper.

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^Kitty looks remorseful. Not.

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Roll something into the toilet paper that will pop out. Preferably something that will make a loud noise. Like a fake rubber snake and spider. Leave one on the toilet seat so when he jumps up on it, it will scare the crap out of him and place the spider in the toilet roll.

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Put a length of tin foil under the TP roll where kitty would need to stand to go after the TP. You might need to tape it down in a few places to keep it from shifting. They hate standing on tin foil, especially if it crinkles while they walk on it. Try experimenting a bit.

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Great suggestions. Thank you!

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Put the roll in a 5lb coffee can, then set the can on the back of the toilet. If you like, you can decupage the can. By the time you’re finished cleaning the artsy craftsy stuff off your kitchen table, the kitten will be a cat and no longer interested in toilet paper. He will have discovered the arm of your newly upholstered sofa by then.

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Shut the bathroom door

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Offer him another target, like the tender flesh of your arm.

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Get a temporary hanger and hang the TP higher than normal for the time being. Maybe the clawmeister will out grow the tendency to hang with the TP.

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Oooo!!! How about placing one of these vibration alarms on the roll?!. You can get them from Harbor Freight for $3.00 each. They are very useful.
Stick one in the door pocket of your car. It will alarm if someone opens the door.

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WE had that with our first cat, we simply tucked the end of the paper into the tube then it wouldn’t unroll for her, problem solved and not a penny spent.

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Kitty is a baby, and babies love to see what reactions come from their actions.
When my daughter was a year old, she touched, poked, pulled everything to see what would happen. I got her a dollar store calculator. The buttons were easy to push, and something would happen no matter what button she pushed. The little shapes would creep across the display, bringing friends. Suddenly another button would make them all disappear together.
Get kitty a little baby’s keyboard; something with buttons so easy they plink if kitty just touches it. Put this near access to the roll. Kitty will be happy messing with that, and forget the roll. Eventually you could move it to a more convenient location.
My suggestion is not intended to replace others. There are some really good suggestions here. It is about finding which works best for you and kitty.

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Don’t poison your cat

Maybe put some fake toilet paper that has some gross tasting or smelling perfume that is not poisonous but will make your cat realize they don’t want to play with it anymore.

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Honestly, your best bet (though a bit inconvenient) is just to keep the toilet paper where kitty cannot get to it.

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Keeping things out of reach is almost impossible with this kitty. (excuse the mess, we are painting)

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Again, as I said on your spider plant issue, get a spray bottle. It causes them no harm. It only pisses them off a little while, and they get very well behaved. I had one cat that when she got an urge, would ask permission. For instance, when I got new floor length drapes, she sat in front of them for a few minutes, looking up and down the full length. She then faced me and meowed a certain way which was supposed to be my name. I said no, Nikki, and she walked away dejected. She never did climb those drapes.
Get the spray bottle.

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Will do. Thank you!

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Just saw this. Instead of putting it on a roll, I put mine in a cool, antique looking container that I got at auction. It sets on the floor by the toilet. I think the unrolling thing is what tempts her the most.

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