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How do I get myself to warm up?

Asked by SergeantQueen (7150points) November 12th, 2017

I was just outside for two hours and I am super cold. I was wearing a hoodie with no hat or gloves because I don’t have any. My legs and hands were so red and numb I couldn’t feel them. I got inside and as soon as I did, I jumped in the shower. I put the water as hot as I could, and my legs got super itchy and when I started itching them, it left these long red streaks that really hurt to touch.
I was in the water for maybe 15 minutes and I am still shivering uncontrollably. My legs really hurt the touch them, and the streaks are still visible. They are long and red with small dark red and purple dots.
I have a thick comforter on my legs and a blanket on my head on arms and I am still shivering a lot. I also feel like I am getting a migraine. How should I warm myself up?

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You might have heat rash. You could cook something in the oven for a bit. Will warm your apartment. I just put my onesie on and I’m nice and toasty while cooking my turkey necks for a cheap supper .

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Have a hot drink or soup, fill a couple of hot water bottles or turn on the electric blanket, and get into bed. And make sure you’ve got your head covered with something warm and some really warm socks. That’s what I’d do anyway.

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Put hot water bottles, a heating pad, or something similar at the small of your back. It will help to warm your core. Drink lots of very warm- not hot- liquid. You don’t want to burn yourself again.

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Run a big, full tub of hot water and SOAK in it for ½ hour!

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Your body regulates temperature by moving your blood around. The blood is warm. When most of your blood is in your torso, you stay warmest. When your hands, or feet are cold, your body pushes the warm blood into your limbs to warm them. But limbs have far less insulation, so the warm blood gets colder, and you feel colder because your blood isn’t in your core (keeping all your organs warm.)

So. What does that mean? Keeping your hands, and feet warm, will allow your body to keep your blood in your torso. Wearing thick socks, and gloves when needed will go a long way to keeping you feeling warm.

And of course, cover your head.

You could also throw a blanket in the dryer and wrap up after its good and hot.

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Moist heat is best. I have used a hot, moist towel, spread across my tummy. Mmmmm. It reheats quickly and easily in a microwave.

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Sit in the shower room with the door shut and run hot water then soak in the steam. Like sitting in a sauna.

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Throw a sweater, long sleeve, blanket or hoodie in the dryer for a few minutes. Then take it out right away and wrap yourself in it.
I have a really thick robe for this exact purpose, in case I get extremely cold, I always have an immediate solution to warm up.
Make tea or hot chocolate.

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Firstly, I would make sure you are dressed for the conditions when you go outside. Get a warm woolly hat, a pair of thermal gloves and warm leggings and check the forecast before stepping out. When you get really cold I think it can be a mistake to try to warm up too quickly. I would sit in a warm room with a cup of tea and just warm up naturally. It can be very painful bringing circulation back to frozen fingers too quickly.

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I got all warmed up- but the streaks are still there. They aren’t fading but they don’t hurt as much. I wonder if maybe I was just scratching too hard and my skin was sensitive because it was cold so it just left a mark.

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Or bug bears got you in the night

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???? I just washed all my bed sheets

@RedDeerGuy1, I looked at pictures of heat rash and It doesn’t look like that. I think I’m fine though
It looks more like a long bruise but not as dark or sore
Thanks all for your answers :)

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