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Would you talk to the police without an attorney present?

Asked by snowberry (23093points) November 13th, 2017

Whether you’re guilty or not, whether you like the police or not, would you talk to them without an attorney present if they ask you to?

This video from both a law professor and a policeman says don’t ever!

So would you? Have you ever? If after watching this video, will you talk to one in the future?

I think I won’t, ever.

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It depends. Why are they speaking to me? Is it official business? Am I a suspect or a person of interest? Then probably not. My attorney wife would kill me if I did.

Am I a witness or know something of use? Then yes, I would and have. Whatever I can do to help.

Is it more casual? Then sure. I do this often enough. In fact, I have a few family members and friends who were/are police. I’ve spoken with them a bunch on many topics.

It should be noted that I’m a big, goofy white dude with the benefit of not feeling threatened by police simply because I’m breathing.

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Try watching that video, and then reassess your answer.

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I did and I’m not that concerned (paranoid?). My 30+ years of interacting with police in a variety of situations does not suggest otherwise.

I do recognize that this is my experience and have been close with many in law enforcement, so your mileage may vary.

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I think I would either demand to have my parents with me or a lawyer, no matter what the instance was.
(I think because I am 16, they might be able to refuse my parents)

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Rule-of-thumb: the moment the police say “you don’t need a lawyer” is the exact moment that you do.

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Isn’t that like saying you shouldn’t speak to a lawyer without a lawyer of your own? Or don’t sign anything without having it reviewed?

Sounds great until suddenly you’re paying $300/hr to negotiate simple business.

I tried watching your video, but things like “people are inherently honest and that’s their biggest downfall” just show a worldview that I’m not comfortable living. In the long run I believe that will cause me more trouble than assessing a situation and responding in kind until something seems off. At this point in my life I can trust myself a bit more than that. So can you.

This talk is a show, make sure you’re viewing it that way.

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Probably not,I have to respect the police BUT I have never trusted them.

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No and no. No faith in the Police anymore.
I won’t even risk a traffic stop. Keep cruise control set at whatever the limit is and people can speed past me all they like. Good luck with that.

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That was enlightening. If I am ever in trouble I will keep that in mind.
My two interactions with the police have been very different. (Both positive)
1) I locked my keys in the truck with the engine running and needed someone to open the door. The police came and did it in about one minute. I thanked him for his service.
2) The police were looking for someone in the area and wanted to know if I knew if a neighbors house was empty. I did not but I offered to look at my trail camera since their dog usually came through my back yard at a particular time. I checked the camera and had not seen the dog for a few days. The officer thanked me for the info.

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I’m taking the fifth.

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Pleading the 5th might make them think you have something to hide. Better to just be quiet.

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I’ll stick with the big cookie and be ok. His answer is mine. If I were not a little old white lady, I might feel differently but then I might not have the chance to ask for my lawyer to be present.

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I wouldn’t even talk to my attorney without the police present. Or my mom.

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If I were a suspect, then probably not.

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Have you ever watched the TV “reality” show Cops? Now I’m humming ” Bad boys! Bad boys! Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

The suspects are convinced by the police to talk – and they are arrested almost every time. If they called the police they are usually not taken away. Rarely does it end well for the perp.

But if you need help, the are there within 15 minutes.
It is a tough, thankless, but necessary job.

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My most recent conversation with the police was “My next-door neighbors? Never talk to them, don’t know their name, not interested in their drama, I keep my windows curtained and I listen to loud music. have a good night.”

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Yes. Within reason, of course.

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Yes @LuckyGuy. My sentiments exactly. No, I won’t talk to the police without an attorney present, and yes, it’s a necessary, but thankless job.

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