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Do you ever think that you are certain to win at a lottery?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) November 13th, 2017

Because you are good? Or that God would free you from poverty? I thought like that once now I believe that it is totally random. I had to sell my super-NES for $80 to pay my rent in 1995, Because I blew $25 on video lottery terminals that was needed for rent.

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Uh, no.

What a waste of money. They’re stacked against you.

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I dont play myself, it’s a racket and a crapshoot.

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There have been times I felt very strongly that I deserved to, but I deserve lots that I never got.
I deserve to spend a week being 27 again, just to have one last shot with having energy, agility, multitasking.
That ain’t gonna happen either.

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No. I’m pretty clear that the odds are incredibly slim. I’ve won a few things in smaller raffles and such, though.

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Haven’t bought a lottery ticket so far and don’t intend to in future as well. It’s waste of your hard earned money.

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I will occasionally buy a ticket when the Power Ball gets into the hundreds of millions

And in spite of the odds, I am always a little surprised and disappointed when I don’t win.

Semper sperans

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Years ago I bought one or two lottery tickets for a dollar each. I did it for the sheer experience of doing it. Never occurred to me that I might win. I have done casino gambling a few times. When I do it, I stake myself to a number of chips that I consider the price for a night out. When the chips run out, I am done gambling.

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I think I’m almost certain to lose but I don’t mind losing a little if it gives me a slight possibility of winning a lot.

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In an app I’ve gotten $250 so if I’m lucky enough, I might win that much money in real life.

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^^ 250$ in app.. That’s great..) You should lottery then at least once..)

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My friend has won coupons
many times when he used to “spin the wheel” along with his daughter. She’s his lucky charm i guess!!!

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@imrainmaker yeah I mean AT LEAST once. Hopefully someday before I die.

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