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How fast can you run a mile?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) August 14th, 2008

What’s your personal record?

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5:49, 3 days ago :D

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About 20 minutes…

I usually stop for a Twinkie or two.

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My fastest was 5:29 (back in the day).

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Depends on what’s chasing me. Or what’s at the finish line.

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In prime (freshman gym class), I was clocked at a respectable 6:45. I thought I had just missed the world record but I found out otherwise.

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As fast as my car can get me there ;)

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Usually in about a day. Sometimes a little longer.

(on the treadmill, I usually set it at 5.6 mph, unless I’m running sprints. So I. Am. Slow.)

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I can’t.

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Best time, 5.47

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5:46 back in baseball season.

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running? maybe if my life is in danger, but otherwise, I’d walk…

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A day and a half, give or take…

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depends what’s chasing me, what’s at the finish or if it’s dark and cloudy or sunny, usually 4 minutes if i run at unholy speed.

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You can run a mile in 4 minutes?

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if it’s not sunny or if i run at unholy speed, or both.

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The world record is 3:43.
4 minutes was the world record until the mid-50s.

I have donned my skeptical face.

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donned? my mortal enemy returns a word i don’t know.

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it means ‘put on’
oh wait, was that a joke?

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yes it was lol

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well hey my friends don’t call me Nosferatu for nothing, i mean my canines are natural like an inch long.

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as fast as my two big feet can get me there.

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4:32 back in my high school track days…These days, probably double that.

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and how fast do you think that is ninjaxmarc?

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Depends if I stop to fluther.

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that’s reasonable enough.

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(late to the party)

I initially read Eambos’ quip as “5 minutes, 49 seconds, and 3 days.”

Thought it was funny. What the hell, giving it a GA just b/c it was funny for me.

Dyslexics of the world untie!

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