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Doomsday Scenario?

Asked by megalongcat (598points) August 14th, 2008

Disclaimer: I don’t really believe what I’m about to say.

After a Long Island Iced Tea last night I discussed this with my friends: a possible doomsday scenario that seems plausible.

1) McCain becomes President
2) McCain goes to war with Iran
3) Russia sends aid to Iran
4) USA receives aid from France, UK, and Israel
5) Having received aid from Israel, Arab countries line up to defend Iran
6) Now needing aid, China agrees to support Russia on specific conditions.
7) America loses and resorts to nuclear weaponry.
8) Russia uses nuclear weaponry.
9) Radiation is a b*tch.

So that’s my liquor induced theory and most notably the ramblings of a non-sober man. But any thoughts on the likelihood of this? What’s your theory about how things will go down between now and 2012.

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I’m going to go play the lottery now.

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More like;
6. China agrees to support USA in return for some serious money and power once it is all over.
7. America wins, but has to pay back China.
8. America plunges into a massive depression that leaves China on top of global politics.
9. We all have to learn Mandarin.

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Never mind waiting until 2012. Look at Russia and Georgia, if nothing else.

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There is a fundamental problem with your thesis, which is that Russia wouldn’t get involved in an American-Iranian conflict. More importantly, a Western alliance of the USA, Britain, Europe, Australia, Israel would invariably defeat a Persian-Arab-Russian-Chinese alliance. Also, seeing how badly the Shiites and the Sunnis get along, it would take quite a situation for them to join each other. For example, Saudi Arabia would be glad the USA took on Iran. A nuclear Iran is the greatest threat to the Middle East, and the Saudi rulers know that.

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I wanna stay at home for the end of the world,
Falling asleep when they’re dropping the bomb.
This is all a dream,
Thats what I’ll be saying
I wanna stay home…

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1) McCain becomes President

You could have stopped there.

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no, actually from the moment McCain STARTED running for president there you could stop.

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my spiritual spies said the armies of malphas and abigor are mobilizing, if they rise my forces will do what they can to stem the onslaught provided that the world doesn’t go to war and the souls of russians and iranians don’t join the armies of hell bringing nukes along with them.

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I can never tell if this guy is kidding or not.

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who me? of course i’m kidding…..maybe…..........sometimes…...this time i’m not, at least i’m 95% honest on this.

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